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The Walking Dead: Marvel And TWD’s Jon Bernthal Just Landed His Next TV Role! He’s Getting Steamy!

Jon Bernthal may have only been on The Walking Dead for a short time, but he’s still deeply missed. He was our first sort of continuous villain character if you can even call him that. He eventually went on to become the best live-action Punisher we’ve ever seen over at Marvel. No Jon Bernthal just landed his next TV role… and it’s a spicy one!

Jon Bernthal was on The Walking Dead for two seasons. He portrayed Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) best friend Shane. Eventually, Rick was forced to put a bullet in Shane’s head and then his son, Carl (Chandler Riggs) did the same a few minutes later.

Over in the world of superheroes, he first appeared as Punisher on Daredevil. Later on, he was given his own show which was also a huge hit. In fact, fans are hoping he returns to the role sooner rather than later.

Now he’s heading over to network television again. He’s joining Showtime’s limited Series American Gigolo. This is all according to TV Line. This is actually a reboot of an older film by the same name, which starred Richard Gere.

American Gigolo, the film, was released in 1980 and Gere played an escort named Julian Kane. This is the role that Bernthal will be filling in the TV series reboot. Bernthal’s character is “introduced 18 years after he’s been arrested for murder and struggling to find his footing in the modern-day Los Angeles sex industry, while seeking the truth about the set-up that sent him to prison all those years ago”.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this limited series, and it’s gotten an order for 10 episodes. It won’t be long before you see the show over on Showtime in the U.S.

Jon Bernthal just landed his next TV role, and we can’t wait to check out American Gigolo.

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