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The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Stars in Tom Petty’s Newest Music Video

Published on December 7th, 2020 | Updated on December 7th, 2020 | By FanFest

Lauren Cohan has a pretty hefty shooting schedule over the next two years for The Walking Dead.  The show is headed towards its final season, which will consist of twenty-four episodes, instead of the usual sixteen. Along with completing filming the additional six episodes of Season 10, it’s going to be difficult to fit anything else in.  However, Cohan was able to find time for a very special project.  Coahn was asked to star in Tom Petty’s music video – a true honor.

“Before I did the video, I said, ‘Okay guys, I really want to do this video if you can follow all the same protocols that we are doing on The Walking Dead,'” Cohan said on Kimmel. “So they came in guns blazing and it was like sanitizer, and military operation, ‘Red team in, blue team out, shields down!’ [It was] this whole thing, to the extent where I felt that I was being followed to the bathroom. And I just thought to myself, ‘I did wash my hands! I did!'”

Petty’s passing away in October, 2017 was a complete surprise but his musical legacy will live on forever and Cohan’s participation in the music video will add to that legacy.

Recently on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Lauren Cohan appeared to discuss the final season of The Walking Dead. The details she shared confirmed a lot of our suspicions on how the extra six episodes of Season 10 would happen and what filming of Season 11 will look like.

The six episodes will show us what was going on in Maggie’s side of the world leading up to her returning to help her old group, providing backstory and context to her arrival. Cohan also made it clear that she was back for the long-haul, which means the nearly 30 episodes remaining on The Walking Dead. She also hinted to possibly being back in spinoffs.

Along with her return, Cohan discussed the positives of a strong, final season, stocking up on Gatorade during the pandemic, and showing off her shoes.

Watch the interviews below with Cohan. Live with Kelly and Ryan has them broken up into segments. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments!

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