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‘The Walking Dead’: Lauren Cohan Says Maggie’s Story Will Be “Open-Ended”

By now, fans are well aware that there are massive changes coming in the ninth season of The Walking Dead.

The widely reported departure of the series’ star Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes on the series) was 100% officially confirmed last weekend during San Diego Comic-Con. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman had confirmed the news just one day prior to Lincoln himself addressing the crowd of fans personally during the show’s Hall H panel presentation.

There is, however, another departure happening during the course of the ninth season that wasn’t so much in the spotlight during SDCC weekend. Lauren Cohan (who plays Maggie) is making a move from The Walking Dead to ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier this season. While Cohan will be leaving The Walking Dead behind, it may only be temporary or on a limited basis.

In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Cohan revealed that she could still return to the series after her departure. She told EW:

[row]“I’m so grateful that this has been my stomping ground for so long, and my family here is never gone. Maggie’s story is open-ended.”[/row]

This seems like a massive spoiler for the upcoming season. If Cohan is leaving the show but Maggie’s story is left open-ended, leaving her the option to return to the series at any time, then presumably she doesn’t fall victim to the dangers of the apocalypse. Being that we’re all still holding out hope that Andrew Lincoln’s exit doesn’t mean that Rick Grimes has to die either, what scenario could there possibly be that would allow both Rick and Maggie to walk away from their group and from the main storyline?

We are definitely nervous for the future of these characters, but we’ll just have to wait and see what new showrunner Angela Kang has cooked up for us in the ninth season.

What do you think about the fact that Lauren Cohan says Maggie’s storyline is “open-ended?” Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.