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The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Pays Tribute to Show’s Newest Fatality

The Walking Dead returns for part two of the show’s final chapter, and fans are looking forward to getting hit with a string of punches. In the last minutes of “No Other Way,” hearts were broken in unexpected ways on and off-screen.


Lauren Cohan, who played Maggie on The Walking Dead, struggled to say goodbye to a character we all wanted more time with. Aiden, portrayed by Callan Mcauliffe, was a fan favorite on The Walking Dead and added much of the series’ emotion. Cohan’s tearful goodbye message on Instagram captures his personality as both a person and a friend.

“Callan, you made it easy to be gutted by losing Alden.”


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Despite her pain, Maggie is no stranger to devastation, having experienced the deaths of her father, husband, and sister as well as numerous friends who have passed away along the road. As she cradled Aiden in the seconds after putting a halt to his torment as a walker, her tears were clearly for him, but they may also have been for herself too.

The Walking Dead has always been a show about survival, and we see that theme play out in the final couple of episodes. Of course, she’s strong and resilient — she has to be — but we’ve seen a more ruthless side of Maggie recently than ever before – or so it appears. Goodbyes are never easy, especially when they come in The Walking Dead’s final season.

The show is on tonight. You can watch when it airs or get a week ahead by watching on AMC+.

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