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The Walking Dead: Last Chance to See Alexandria Filming Set in Georgia, as Show Tells City Filming Nearly Complete

Published on January 22nd, 2022 | Updated on January 22nd, 2022 | By FanFest

The Alexandria walls will come down, and the final episode of The Walking Dead will air its final episode on AMC sometime later this year. After more than seven years, the walls will be demolished and the production of the most popular show in history, The Walking Dead, will cease forever.

Since September of 2014, the Gin Property residential development in Senoia has been surrounded by corrugated metal walls and rail cars for the filming of The Walking Dead, according to the Newnan Times-Herald.

The show is now in the middle of filming its final season, and the fortified “Alexandria Safe Zone” will revert back to being a somewhat ordinary neighborhood.

Last week, location manager Michael Riley with Stalwart Films asked for an extension of the Morgan Street closure through June to allow enough time for filming to be completed and the road, which has been closed at both ends of the Gin Property development, to be reopened to normal public traffic. Residents must now pass through a checkpoint in order on their way into

Filming should be finishing up mid-March. The June 30 extension “allows us, probably, enough time to clean things up,” he told the council. “Once we get done we should be able to reopen Morgan Street. If all goes well we should be done by April with the street open by June,” Riley said.

The location will be cleaned up and restored, and all of the sets will be removed once filming concludes. Scott Tigchelaar, Gin Property developer, resident, and former movie studio president, said that after production is finished, the site will be completely cleared out and landscaping renewed. He added that the windmill would be demolished and all of the landscaping redone.

AMC will also restore the 10 homes that were constructed on the site for filming, and they should be available for purchase by May or June, according to Tigchelaar.

Normally, a production company would have built “set homes,” which are simply facades or shells that would be taken down at the end of the production. But in Senoia, “AMC wanted to be more environmentally conscious and leave a lasting legacy to the show by building real, permanent homes which might be sold at the end of production,” Tigchelaar said. “As a result, fans of the show will forever be able to visit a little bit of the ‘Alexandria Safe Zone,’ drive by their favorite character’s house from the show … or perhaps even purchase and live in it.”

Over the years, locals have joked about how they would prefer the walls to remain up once the show is finished.

This is your last chance to go visit the show’s sets before they’re torn down. It’s a great opportunity to possibly see some filming too. Just head down to Senioa, GA during the coming weeks and ask the locals. They can point you in the right direction and visit the stores of Senoia, which used to be the Woodbury set in the earlier seasons of the show!

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