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The Walking Dead: Kirkman Says Rick Grimes Movies Will Be Worth It!

Published on July 25th, 2021 | Updated on July 31st, 2021 | By FanFest

We’ve been waiting for the Rick Grimes movies for a while now, and it feels like they may never come. Well, we’ve been assured over the last few days that the films are, in fact, still coming. We just don’t know exactly when. Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, promises that the films will be worth the wait, too!

Even though The Walking Dead had a huge weekend at SDCC, there was almost no mention of Rick Grimes. In fact, the only time that Rick was actually brought up was to tell us he wouldn’t be showing up soon. Or, at the very least, not in The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 like rumors have been claiming.

Y’know, they might have to stop dispelling Rick Grimes rumors if they’d just make the freaking movie! But that’s just one man’s opinion, and what do I know? Nothing, I just write about The Walking Dead on the internet. I am excited for the Rick Grimes movies though.

Over the weekend, though, Robert Kirkman did promise the Rick Grimes movies would be worth the wait. He said this during the panels, but we got the quote from, so a big thank you to them!

Here’s what Kirkman had to say, “I wish that there were more updates. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes,It’s entirely possible that there are some details that are coming out around Comic-Con that I just don’t know we’re allowed to talk about yet, so I’m being a good boy and I’m not gonna spoil anything. But I will say there’s exciting stuff happening behind the scenes and I am as frustrated as you guys are that we have not been able to reveal everything to you and talk about it nonstop.

Andrew Lincoln is amazing, I miss seeing Andrew Lincoln running around as Rick Grimes. I can’t wait until we’re filming this thing and then this thing’s coming out, it’s gonna be awesome. Everybody’s working very hard to make this thing as good as it can be. All I will say: we don’t want a bad Rick Grimes movie. We want an amazing Rick Grimes movie, so everybody behind the scenes is making sure that when this comes out it was worth the wait and it is actually the special, character-building Rick Grimes journey that everybody wants it to be.

We’re not going to be rushing this thing out, and we’re going to make sure that it’s perfect. So that’s what’s going on behind the scenes. And when it finally comes out, when we’re showing trailers and stuff, you’ll see. You’ll be like, ‘That’s exactly what we wanted. I’m so glad they waited.”

He’s as excited as we are, and promises they will be worth the wait. For now, though, we can enjoy The Walking Dead season 11 next month on AMC! You can even catch the episodes a week early if you have AMC+!


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