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The Walking Dead: Jon Bernthal’s Reason for No Longer Watching

Published on May 16th, 2021 | Updated on May 16th, 2021 | By FanFest

One of the greatest characters on The Walking Dead was Shane, who was portrayed by Jon Bernthal.  Shane has remained a fan favorite long after his death even though his character has been gone for the vast majority of the show.  With so much time passed, Bernthal no longer follows what’s going on with the show.

In a video interview with Jake’s Takes, Bernthal was asked about his relationship with The Walking Dead and if he still watches. “I got really, really busy after The Walking Dead,” Bernthal admitted. “You know, I had three kids, I was kind of working like crazy.”

Bernthal continued, “I’ll tell you, that show is and will always be sort of the center of my heart,” he said. “I love that character, but more importantly, I love the people that made that show.”

“It was really a beautiful group of people who were really all after something and did it with the spirit of collaboration and community. It’s really the best of what I think this whole filmmaking thing can be.”

After leaving The Walking Dead, Bernthal took the lead in The Punisher on Netflix. Bernthal has made countless appearances in some of the best films of this past decade, including The Wolf of Wallstreet and the recently released Those Who Wish Me Dead.

Bernthal, even though he’s no longer watching, will always cherish his time on the show, saying, “I’m enormously grateful for that show and I’m enormously grateful for the people I got to make it with,” Bernthal affirmed.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 11 premieres Aug. 22 on AMC.

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