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The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Headed to ‘The Boys’ on Amazon?

Published on July 29th, 2020 | Updated on July 29th, 2020 | By FanFest

There’s been a lot of buzz around The Walking Dead‘s Negan over the past month. Between the release of a new Walking Dead comic and news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be taking his talents to a new show, where does this leave the swearing-charming-smooth character in both print and on-screen?

New casting news surrounding the AMC star may indicate that Negan’s time is coming to an end on the show.  Or, it may just be that Morgan will be making a guest star appearance. Reports have suggested Morgan will soon be joining an acclaimed new series on Amazon Prime Video, The Boys, as well as the DC Extended Universe.

For some time, Morgan has been rumored to play a version of Batman in either a DC feature or on the new HBO Max.  Morgan previously played Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne.  Rumors of an alternate universe portrayal of Thomas, playing a version of Batman, have been swirling for years.

After publicly campaigning for a role on Amazon Prime Video’s superhero series The Boys, the show’s head writer Eric Kripke confirmed the two are currently in talks.

Season two of The Boys will be released on Amazon on September 4th 2020, but ongoing reports suggest Morgan could join the cast in season three.

A Collider interview confirmed the production team already has a character in mind for Jeffrey Dean Morgan in season three.

Kripke said: “There’s one role we’re already talking about. He has to, uh, we have to like coordinate. Because you know, he’s on The Walking Dead, so he has another home. But we already talked about one role, and there might be a potential other that we’re talking about.”







Also, fans got an update on the comic book version of Negan.  This past week, Image comics and creator, Robert Kirkman, released the one-off, “Negan Lives.”  The book catches readers up on the current status of the character since the comic book series ended just one year ago.

What do you think of the possibility of Morgan moving on to a new show? How many more seasons will The Walking Dead last?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Also, check out the Season 2 trailer for The Boys!

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One thought on “The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Headed to ‘The Boys’ on Amazon?

  1. I was hoping Negan could last until the end of Walking Dead, and I still do! I want him to make amends with all the characters that hate him for all his bad deeds. If that is not possible, and he has to go, let him leave the group on his own, to try and retrieve some of his past and find peace. I do not want him to die!!!!! He is one of the two most popular characters on the show !!! He and Daryl cannot die!!!


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