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The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Lauren Cohan Still Want To Be Batman And Joker!

Published on July 23rd, 2021 | Updated on July 23rd, 2021 | By FanFest

Once upon a time Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrayed Thomas and Martha Wayne. This was back in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. They were only on screen long enough to get murdered, but that’s still pretty cool!

Now the pair are talking about how they’re willing to come back as Batman’s parents. Apparently they would both love to portray the Flashpoint Batman and Joker. Because, yes, Martha Wayne ends up becoming that universe’s Joker. How freaking crazy is that? I know I’d love to see them in that role, what about you guys?

The pair spoke to in an exclusive interview, which you guys should definitely check out on their website. In it they actually discuss whether or not they would love to come back if the opportunity and, well, to no one’s surprise yes they would.

Here’s what Lauren Cohan had to say, when the pair discussed how much they discuss between themselves going back to those roles.

“I would love. I would love (to do that). Let it be said and known and documented. We both would love for this to happen,”is what the Maggie actress said. Then, Jeffrey Dean Morgan said, “We have, Lauren and I have talked about that for years. I think her playing, I’d love to see her version come on. You never know. It’s true. You really never know with DC in particular, but everything is so kind of complicated within the Snyder-verse of it all. Unfortunately, but Lauren and I have made it clear and we’re doing it again now that version.”

You can catch the rest of the interview on, and you should. For now, we’ll be seeing them both in The Walking Dead season 11 on AMC next month!

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