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The Walking Dead: Is Morgan Headed back to Alexandria?

Published on August 13th, 2018 | Updated on August 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

Last night’s Fear the Walking Dead mid-season premiere brought a bold declaration: Morgan stating that he’d head back to Alexandria.

Alexandria is a “good place with good people.”

After the mid-season finale that left the Fear group in ruins, Morgan tells them of his intentions to head back to Alexandria and that he wants them to join him.

“There is still a big part of Morgan that is connected to the people he left behind. We’re going to see that he’s also wrestling with some other emotional demons that we’re going to unpack as the back half of this season goes on,” co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW. “And he may say that he’s going back to Alexandria, but the journey to get there is going to be filled with a lot of unexpected turns. We look forward to hearing how people react to that journey.”

The storm that’s brewing on Fear seems to be the first unexpected turn. Will it delay Morgan? For how long?

Goldberg also hinted that Morgan’s story on the show is far from over unlike his comic book storyline. In the comics, Morgan dies of a walker bite after Alexandria is overrun by walkers.

Chief content officer Scott Gimple also says the time jump in The Walking Dead does not mean future crossovers should be ruled out. “It does not [rule out more crossovers],” Gimple said at San Diego Comic Con. “That’s about all I got to say. It does not but I wouldn’t expect it all the time. Things could happen. You never know who might pop up on Fear the Walking Dead. That includes The Walking Dead and potentially people in the past from Fear the Walking Dead.”

Fear the Walking Dead airs at 9 pm ET on AMC and The Walking Dead returns for its 9th season on October 7, 2018.

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