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The Walking Dead: Ian Anthony Dale And Laurie Fortier Join Final Season

The Walking Dead has just added two actor for the final season of the hit zombie show, Deadline reported very early Thursday morning or very late Wednesday night, depending how you look at it. Ian Anthony Dale and Laurie Fortier join the final season./

Ian Anthony Dale is known for his role in Hawaii Five-O where as Laurie Fortier was on Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. Both are good actors and we are excited to see them on The Walking Dead!

Dale is joining The Walking Dead as Tomi. He is apparently part of a group our heroes have recently encountered, and he’s been there a while.

Fortier on the other hand is playing Angela, a far more mysterious character. Nothing is known about her character and the details are being kept secret for now. Very mysterious, indeed!

Things are really starting to heat up for the final season of The Walking Dead. We recently got Laila Robbins cast in the show as the leader of The Commonwealth. That was after Michael James Shaw was cast as Mercer!

It sounds like the two newest additions may be part of the group that Maggie is running from. Maggie returned in the six extra episodes of season 10, where she reunited with her friends and Negan.

The season finale had Negan return to Alexandria, and he didn’t really seem to give a damn that Maggie was living there too.

The Walking Dead is back in just a few weeks here! The season will premiere on AMC on August 22, or on the 15th if you have AMC+

Let’s hope these two newest additions help make the last season of The Walking Dead the best it can be!

How do you guys feel? Are you excited about Ian Anthony Dale and Laurie Fortier? Let us know in the comments!

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