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The Walking Dead: WATCH! Greg Nicotero Shares First Hints on Series Finale – “It’s to die for!”

Published on April 6th, 2022 | Updated on April 7th, 2022 | By FanFest

It’s the last day of production on The Walking Dead and one of the program’s executive producers is promising fans that they’ll be dying over the conclusion of the series.

TMZ spoke with Greg Nicotero, the EP on “Walking Dead” and the show’s main special effects supervisor, at LAX Wednesday. Given that they had just completed filming for the final time as a crew less than hours earlier, there was a lot to say about.

First and foremost, TMZ wanted to know if Norman Reedus was completely fine after recently suffering a concussion on set; and, in fact, Greg said that he’s fully recovered. While also shedding light on what occurred, it sounded like he and everyone else had been overworked from a demanding schedule.

He also revealed to TMZ some of his future plans, both ‘Walking Dead’-related and otherwise, and it appears that he has a lot on his plate.

TMZ also inquired as to whether Greg took home anything and there he doesn’t disappoint. Greg claims to have a few souvenirs from his decade-plus on set; essentially all of the major equipment imaginable.

You can tell that the program has meant a lot to Greg, which is why he saved the best for last – a promise to a rabid audience that this final season won’t fail.

We all love The Walking Dead around here and we are really looking forward to seeing how things finish up (anyone else hoping for an Andy Lincoln cameo?).

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