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The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero, Director and Producer, Won’t Return for Rest of Season 10 Filming

Published on November 6th, 2020 | Updated on November 6th, 2020 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead was deeply affected by the pandemic.  The pandemic delayed the release of Season 10’s season finale and it also halted production of the show from May until October of this year.  Even greater, because of the delays, an additional 6 episodes were added to extend Season 10 and it was later announced that the show would end its journey with 24 episodes in Season 11.

With such drastic changes to filming, the result mean that Greg Nicotero, one of the show’s executive producers, make-up artists and directors, who has been with the series since it began, won’t be directing any of these new additional episodes for Season 10.  This is unusual because Nicotero tends to direct all of the major episodes, including season premieres and finales.

Speaking to Rotten Tomatoes, Nicotero explained how his priority is with his other project, Creepshow Season 2.

Nicotero said, “Originally, [TWD showrunner] Angela [Kang] had called and asked me if I wanted to and, unfortunately, because of when the pandemic hit and everything shut down, Creepshow was set to start shooting, and we had prepped the first two episodes.”

“I think in my head originally, I was like, ‘Well, I can shoot Creepshow and then run over and do Walking Dead,’ and then I thought, ‘That’s insane. I would literally die.’ Until January, I’m all the way up to my eyeballs in Creepshow.”

Creepshow did release some new material last week!  Two animated tales of terror: “Survivor Type,” based on the short story by Stephen King and adapted by Greg Nicotero, stars Kiefer Sutherland (Designated Survivor, 24) as a man determined to stay alive alone on a deserted island no matter what the cost. “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead,” based on the short story by Joe Hill and adapted by Melanie Dale, stars Joe King (The Kissing Booth, The Act) as a teen whose family road trip includes a visit to the gravest show on earth. Check out the trailer below.

What do you think about Nicotero’s focus on Creepshow? Will he return for Season 11 of The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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One thought on “The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero, Director and Producer, Won’t Return for Rest of Season 10 Filming

  1. Come back to TWD Greg!!! You are the Walking Dead success story!!! We love you… Please don’t leave us!!!!


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