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The Walking Dead: For Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan Borrowed Moves From A WWE Legend!

Published on June 9th, 2021 | Updated on June 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

We don’t know whether this is public knowledge or not but it looks like a Walking Dead actor is a WWE fan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to social media to wish a WWE legend a happy birthday. In the same post, he admitted to borrowing some movies for his performance as Negan! That’s pretty cool! If Jeffrey Dean Morgan borrowed moves from a WWE Legend, we’re okay with that! Especially if it made Negan better.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been playing Negan for years now. Negan is best known for that time he killed Abraham then smashed Glenn’s freakin’ brains in. In his defense, Lucile was thirsty.

JDM posted on Monday, ‘Happy damn birthday to the one and only @realmickfoley a man who not only inflicted pain, but took loads of it… and I loved watching. May of borrowed a move or two. ‘Big love to you sir, best to you and to @NoelleFoley HAPPY BIRTHDAY big man! (sic)’

The wrestler seemed pretty stoked and even thanked Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He thanked Jeffrey Dean Morgan for making the barbed wire bat mainstream, and we gotta admit that Lucile packs a wallop.

Foley has taken almost as much abuse as Glenn’s head. He once had his ear injured during a fight, only to have it ripped off moments later. The ear was then handed to the referee. Sounds like he’d fit right into the world of The Walking Dead.

I had no idea that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a wrestling fan. He must be a pretty big one if he borrowed some moves from Foley. If it helped his Negan performance then hell we’re all for it.

We’ll get to see Negan again pretty soon. The Walking Dead is coming back this August on AMC. That is when the eleventh and final season of the hit zombie show will be starting.

After that we’ll get some Walking Dead spin-offs, potentially even once featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Do you guys think it’s cool that Jeffrey Dean Morgan borrowed some moves from a famous wrestler?

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