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Did ‘The Walking Dead’ Promo Tease a Flashback Episode?

Published on November 28th, 2018 | Updated on November 30th, 2018 | By FanFest

It’s safe to say that The Walking Dead’s promo for the back half of season nine is nothing short of chilling. Now that The Whisperers have been introduced, everything has changed. Our group of survivors can never look or treat a walker the same way again. They’re a real threat again. While the promo gave us a quick glimpse at Ryan Hurst’s terrifying character Beta, the dramatic ripples of the Whisperers presence and an escaped Negan, there’s something that you may have missed.

Right at the end, there’s a quick shot of an extremely distraught Michonne swinging her katana in what I would describe as emotional fury.

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What’s important to note is her hair. In the episodes following Rick’s exit, the series has jumped forward in time six years, resulting in everyone having some very different hairstyles – including Michonne.

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So, the fact that she’s rocking her old hairstyle in the clip can only mean one thing – a flashback episode. That’s probably music to fan’s ears as it’s been somewhat frustrating being kept out of the loop with the happenings of all the communities for the past six years. In the mid-season finale, there was some major tension between Michonne and Tara, Carol, and basically all of Hilltop. Not to mention, both Michonne and Daryl have some alarming “X” scars branded on their bodies.

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Also worth noting is the building behind Michonne in the clip looks very similar to the spot where Maggie and Daryl found Cyndie and Oceanside killing Arat.


Seeing that we have only heard mentions of Oceanside in the recent episodes, it could mean that they played some part in whatever happened to cause such a huge divide amongst the communities as well as Michonne’s wariness about welcoming in Magna’s group.

Are you looking forward to a flashback episode in the back half of season 9? What theories do you have about what happened? Let us know! The Walking Dead returns on February 10th at 9/8c on AMC!


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as seen on promo graphic