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The Walking Dead: First Look At Mercer In Season 11! Are You Guys Ready For The Finale!

Published on July 2nd, 2021 | Updated on July 2nd, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead season 11 release date comes closer with each passing day! And so far, every week has brought us more and more information on the upcoming finale season. Now we’ve got a first look at Mercer in season 11 thanks to a new teaser trailer. We’ll go ahead and put that teaser trailer below so you can see it for yourselves.

Mercer is obviously not the only character in the teaser! We also get to check out Daryl, Negan, Maggie, and Carol! All five of these characters will play a prominent role in the ending of The Walking Dead. Some might not even make it through to the end, which is just terrible to think about.

This is just the latest news dropped in AMC‘s 11 weeks of reveals leading to season 11. As you probably guessed on the title, it’s exactly what it sounds like. For the eleven weeks leading to the release of the finale season, AMC drops some information for the show.

As for what we can expect for the final season, well, things are looking bleak for our characters my friends. Alexandria is on its last legs, and our characters will have to do something drastic to make sure the community doesn’t fall.

Beyond that, we’ll also be dealing with the scary new group that’s been hunting Maggie and her new friends. This group, called The Reapers, doesn’t have any good intentions for our heroes and will need to be dealt with.

And finally, comic fans will know that we’ll be dealing with The Commonwealth. This is the largest group in The Walking Dead universe, with full military capabilities and over 50,000 people in its community.

So, basically, another week another reveal. Season 11 is almost here and we can’t wait. Even as we wait for some kind of confirmation that Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick Grimes will show up at some point.

What did you think of the first look at Mercer? Let us know in the comments!

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