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The Walking Dead: Final Season Will Explore New Genres

The Walking Dead is returning this summer for its final season ever! That’s right, season 12 is going to be the last time we get a season of The Walking Dead. While many fans are sad, others are hopeful that AMC can pull out a kick-ass final season and give The Walking Dead the send-off it deserves. Besides, it’s not like it’s the last we’ll see of The Walking Dead universe! There are a ton of spin-offs and even new ones on the way, so we’ll have plenty of chances to catch up with the universe. Still, the final season should be one to remember. Showrunner Angela Kang is teasing that the final season will explore new genres. She recently spoke to TV Line, where she revealed there are still things to learn in the final season of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: Final Season Will Explore New Genres

Walker City

“When we start [the final season], we’re rockin’ and rollin’, we’re back to being big and scope-y,” Kang said. “There’s going to be a feeling that things are just ripping along for the first block, then we’re going for some different tonal things than we’re used to on the show, which hopefully will be fun for the audience. I think it’s just that mix and as we meet more than one kind of new community, every story will have its own vibe. So some of them may go into types of genres that haven’t been really explored on the show before. My hope is that it will feel like we’re still finding things that are new, even in the final season, but also that we’re just moving right along.”

It sounds like all bets are off for the final seasons of The Walking Dead. This means absolutely anything can happen and no one is safe! Are you excited for the final season of The Walking Dead? Are you excited to see what new genres it can explore? I hope so! You can catch it starting this August on AMC.


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