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The Walking Dead: Filming is Over, Read and See the Cast’s Social Media Posts to Remember the Show

Published on March 31st, 2022 | Updated on March 31st, 2022 | By FanFest

The official and final wrap on The Walking Dead has fans buzzing with anticipation. While the thought of saying goodbye to the series that’s been a part of our lives for 12 years is heartbreaking, the universe in which The Walking Dead takes place is ever-expanding and filled with camaraderie.

From the first episode, in which a wounded Rick Grimes awoke in an Atlanta hospital as society fell apart around him, to the most recent episode, where our primary characters are struggling for both survival and what is moral — it’s been a wild ride for fans of The Walking Dead.

It’s about friendship and camaraderie, joy and sadness, a connection that is unlike anything you’ve ever known before, and it’s all because of a program about the undead.


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Over the last several years, conventions and social networks dedicated to The Walking Dead‘s fanbase have emerged. The Walking Dead isn’t simply a television program or a universe; it’s a family. Senoia, Georgia became home for that family, which expanded across the world at convention circuits, but grew particularly close there.

Even if they didn’t like all of the characters, fans adored the ones they encountered throughout the previous 12 years. In addition to fighting undead creatures, The Walking Dead dared to explore a fallen civilization and how individuals try to restore it. The show was as well as it is now a harsh examination of survival in an increasingly dangerous world.


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In the next instant, there were Walkers at the door or around the bend, and your fight-or-flight mechanism went into action. Because of this truth, the series had staying power since it remembered that the undead was a part of the attraction but also included character development.

Daryl Dixon has long been a favorite among fans (remember those “If Daryl dies, we riot?” trends?). The series wrote the character particularly for him, and Norman Reedus plays him in the show. Fans didn’t know what his future held because there was nothing to think about it. It was an exciting but anxiety-provoking aspect of the show!

Norman Reedus spoke recently about The Walking Dead coming to an end.

Not the only one experiencing a sense of melancholy and sentimentality as the show comes to an end. In the last few months, several cast members have posted photographs on social media as they embraced their time together with greater appreciation, knowing that things were about to change.

Last month, Jeffrey Dean Morgan posted several photographs of himself and his pals on location.


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Greg Nicotero, who also handles the bone-chilling makeup effects, shared a touching moment with Norman Reedus early in the day. The two are good friends, and they even own restaurants together called Nic and Normans.


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Finally, Showrunner Angela Kang announced the significance of today and her gratitude for those who wished her well on her final day on set via Instagram.


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We will miss The Walking Dead and its community.

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