The Walking Dead: The Lowest Rated Episode of The Walking Dead Is… You May Be Surprised

The Walking Dead has been a massive ratings hit and the episodes are some of the best television has ever witnessed.  Fans love The Walking Dead.  However, fans also agree on what episode tends to be the worst episode in the ten seasons of the zombie apocalypse drama.  And, in a rare coincidence, fans are in agreement with critics on which episode garners the title of worst Walking Dead episode ever.

Season seven, episode six, “Swear,” earned the lowest score of the main show with just a 5.6 rating. Here was the official description for the episode:

“Tara encounters a group of female survivors living near the coast after being separated from Heath during their two-week supply run”

You’ll recall that this is the episode that finds Tara on the run after parting ways with Heath on the bridge.  Tara then meets the Oceanside community and taken hostage.  She then attempts to convince them that she’s good and that her community can help.

Here’s the official teaser video for the episode:

Although, not a critical success, people did enjoy the episode.  The Walker Stalkers Podcast had Father Gabriel (Seth Gillam) on and discussed the episode.  Take a listen, as the reviews weren’t all bad. Podcast Available Here

At the other end of the spectrum, season six, episode nine , “No Way Out,” is the highest-rated episode of either show with a 9.7 rating.  Here was the official description of the episode:

“Daryl, Abraham and Sasha face-off against the Saviors. Back at Alexandria, Rick and his group make their way through the herd”

Fans will recall this episode for several great moments.  There’s Daryl blowing up a group of Saviors with an RPG.  Then there’s that entire Alexandria thing with it being overran by walkers and Rick and the gang having to wear meatsuits again when something bad happens to one of the kids.  Yeah, that episode!

Here’s a teaser scene from that episode:

By coincidence, Seth Gillam happened to be a guest on The Walker Stalkers Podcast for this episode too and he discussed what it was like to wear a meatsuit.  Give it a listen here.

The Walking Dead’s sister show, Fear The Walking Dead, has never had an episode score above a 9.0 rating and its Season 1 finale, “The Good Man,” is that show’s highest-scoring episode with an 8.5 rating.

What is your favorite episode of The Walking Dead? We’d love to hear what your least favorite episode was too!

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