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The Walking Dead: Does God Exist in the Series? Robert Kirkman’s Answer Will Surprise You

Published on December 2nd, 2022 | Updated on December 2nd, 2022 | By FanFest

In a recent interview, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman gave a definitive answer to the age-old question of whether god exists in the comic book universe – and his answer may surprise readers.

Robert Kirkman has finally answered the age-old question of whether or not God exists in The Walking Dead Universe. In The Walking Dead Deluxe, Kirkman explained that there is no God in the universe, despite religion being featured in the series through characters like Father Gabriel Stokes.

When asked whether God exists in The Walking Dead universe that he created, Robert Kirkman answered no – explaining that even though horror and zombie mythology has often connected dark events to a higher power, like God, this isn’t the case in his world. He went on to say that God is “make-believe” in the context of his story.

In The Walking Dead Deluxe #32 by Image and Skybound Comics, Robert Kirkman was asked in the letter’s page what respective religions think about the zombie takeover of Earth in his series. Kirkman bluntly responded, “All gods are make-believe in the world of The Walking Dead.” Kirkman was also asked why characters hadn’t prayed up until that point in the series and responded that he’s certain religious characters like “Hershel” does – and might have – despite no existence of godly figures or insert appropriate nouns in their universe.


God Does Not Exist In The Walking Dead Universe

Robert Kirkman’s comments confirmed what many readers had already thought- that God does not play a role in the events of The Walking Dead. While characters like Father Gabriel Stokes and Earl Sutton believe in God, the comment suggests that both characters are wrong in their beliefs. Zombies aren’t a punishment from God or based on something from the Bible; instead, they’re just another product of life post-apocalypse.

The comments Robert Kirkman made about there being no God in the world of The Walking Dead shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers, as he has never suggested that there was a biblical reason for the zombie outbreak – despite having characters who believed in religion in the series. However, by confirming there is no God in Kirkman’s universe, those who speculated that the religious figure was somehow guiding the events of the comic book can put their theories to rest.

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