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‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’: The Show’s Stars Confront Maggie’s Trauma

Published on July 2nd, 2023 | Updated on July 2nd, 2023 | By FanFest

AMC’s post-apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead: Dead City, explores the compelling journey of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as they navigate the treacherous and unfamiliar territory of a crumbling Manhattan. Faced with threats from both walkers and fellow humans, their survival becomes intertwined, pushing the limits of their complicated relationship.

In an interview with Collider, Morgan and Cohan shared their favorite moments from the season, discussed the intriguing fan ship between Maggie and Negan, and delved into the characters’ intricate dynamics. Morgan expressed his fascination with the quiet, one-on-one moments where a common ground seems possible but remains elusive due to their respective complexities. He acknowledged the audience’s recognition of these impactful scenes, emphasizing the contrasting yet interconnected nature of their characters. Cohan echoed this sentiment, recognizing the potential for teamwork and achievement if not for the lingering resentment caused by a deeply traumatic event. She highlighted the constant struggle to keep moving forward, grappling with personal demons while relying on Negan’s capabilities.

'The Walking Dead: Dead City': The Show's Stars Confront Maggie's Trauma

The actors also addressed the surprising fan ship phenomenon surrounding their characters. Morgan found it amusing and fascinating that viewers could perceive a romantic connection between Maggie and Negan, considering the constant underlying tension and the potential for violence. They both acknowledged the undeniable chemistry between their performances but clarified that the dynamics fans ship are not the same as what they portray on the show.

The conversation then shifted to a memorable scene in the second episode, where Negan orchestrates a dramatic bloodbath. Morgan admitted that while the sticky and messy situation was uncomfortable, it was an opportunity for Negan to reclaim his true nature. The subsequent moment, where Negan realizes Maggie has witnessed his actions, intrigued him, as it has consequences for their relationship throughout the rest of the season.

Cohan pondered whether Maggie secretly desires a different version of Negan or if she finds it easier to maintain him as an irredeemable villain. She suggested that Maggie’s deep-seated trauma and the psychological impact of past events shape her current perspective. Their forced companionship on this mission further exacerbates her distrust and hesitation. The complexity of their relationship poses challenges for both actors in capturing its essence.

When asked about Negan’s self-awareness of how Maggie perceives him, Morgan confirmed that he does acknowledge it. He described the predicament Negan finds himself in, where Maggie needs his assistance despite her lingering resentment for him. Negan wants to help her, even without any external pressure, but their shared history complicates matters.

The Walking Dead: Dead City presents a riveting narrative that explores the intricate bond between Maggie and Negan. Their characters’ complexities and the challenges they face in a hostile world make for compelling storytelling. The series airs on Sunday nights on AMC and is available for streaming on AMC+.

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