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‘The Walking Dead’: Daryl’s Dog’s Name Revealed

Published on November 18th, 2018 | Updated on November 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

Caution: This post may contain spoilers from episode 9×07 of The Walking Dead entitled, “Stradivarious”

Daryl Dixon has been living in solitude in the woods for some time now, and we get to see how he lives this week when Carol and Henry pay him a visit. We also got to hear what Daryl has chosen to name his new canine friend.

Some fans have guessed the name as simply, “Dog”, and that seems to be what Daryl has chosen to name it. Several times in the episode he calls to it as Dog.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

As far as what Daryl is using the intelligent Belgian Malinois to do, he is using the dog to warn him of trapped walkers. Several times, Dog drops feet and hands for Daryl to cook as well, and barks when Daryl has caught walkers in a trap.

Dog gets caught up in a trap and has a very close call this episode, and we are calling for his ultimate safety going forward. Who’s with us?

What were you hoping for the dog’s name to be? Do you like the name “Dog”?

The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale airs Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC.


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