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‘The Walking Dead’ Daryl Spinoff Behind-the-Scenes Photo Teases Horror

Published on November 5th, 2022 | Updated on November 5th, 2022 | By FanFest

A new photo from The Walking Dead‘s Executive Producer Greg Nicotero showcases a Walker set to appear in Daryl Dixon’s spinoff show. The Walker is burnt and its bones are visible, making it look like a skeleton.

Greg Nicotero, executive producer of The Walking Dead, teased a terrifying photo of a skeleton-like Walker that will appear in the Daryl Dixon spinoff show. The Walking Dead is no stranger to producing horrifyingly memorable Walkers that enhance the horror elements of the zombie franchise. Memorable standouts include the bloated, wrinkly well Walker from season 2, episode 4, and Penny, the Governor’s daughter who was kept chained up by her grieving father in the first half of season 3.

'The Walking Dead' Daryl Spinoff Behind-the-Scenes Photo Teases Horror

The Walking Dead has started to become more exciting for fans of the show by livening things up for the zombies. While many zombies have behaved similarly despite different looks or plot relevancy, the series has started introducing variant Walkers into the show.

In season 11, episode 19 of The Walking Dead, Aaron, Jerry, Lydia and Elijah take refuge at an abandoned renaissance fair while journeying to Oceanside. That night they are beset by a herd of Walkers controlled by a zombie exhibiting superhuman skills such as the ability to climb ladders and throw rocks.

Aaron initially thought the zombie was a Whisperer, but he quickly realized it was just a Walker when he ripped its skin off and saw the blood-red skull. This behavior is similar to what we saw in season 1 of The Walking Dead, which sets up a new and terrifying world for future spinoffs. Now that we know there are different types of Walkers, they pose an even bigger threat than before.

In an Instagram post, Greg Nicotero teases a terrifying new Walking Dead zombie set to appear in the franchise’s Daryl Dixon spinoff series. The burned, skeletal zombie appears dead, but as any Walking Dead fan knows, sometimes a Walker’s looks can be deceiving. Check out the horrifying Walker design above.


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TWD’s Walkers Are Changing For Daryl Dixon

Nicotero’s teaser for a new type of Walker in the upcoming Daryl Dixon series implies that fans know everything about the zombie virus and how it has impacted France. The spinoff series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, concluded by revealing that survivors in France are dealing with variants of Walkers that are more agile and hostile than those discovered in the United States.

Against his will, Daryl enters France where he encounters different types of zombies. One in particular is shown above– an aggressive variant that terrifies Daryl as he struggles to survive.

The Walking Dead is entering into new territory next year with spinoff shows, but if this image from Greg Nicotero is any indication, the fear-inducing zombies will still be a large part of the series. The skeletal design and charred surface of this Walker in France suggests that the franchise’s spinoffs are willing to go far to explore different aspects of terror for its Zombies.

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