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The Walking Dead: Daryl and Carol-Centric Spinoff Ordered to Series at AMC

Published on September 9th, 2020 | Updated on September 11th, 2020 | By FanFest

The end of The Walking Dead has been announced and the 11th season would be its last, AMC also revealed that it had greenlit not one but two new spinoffs.

The first spinoff will focus on Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier and will arrive in 2023. Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will return to their starring roles, as the two final remaining characters from the show’s first season. The show is co-created by Dead-verse chief content officer Scott M. Gimple and Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang, who’ll fill that same role on the new show.

“It’s bittersweet to bring [the flagship series] to an end,” Kang said in a statement, “but I could not be more excited to be working with Scott Gimple and AMC to develop a new series for Daryl and Carol. Working with Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride has been a highlight of my career, and I’m thrilled that we get to keep telling stories together.”

The second new Walking Dead show will be called, Tales of the Walking Dead.  The show will be an anthology series that will consist of standalone episodes or arcs, may revolve around previously-introduced characters or new ones, and may or may not shed new light on the backstories of familiar characters.

Cracked AMC COO Ed Carroll, “There really is so much ‘walking’ ahead, in a number of very exciting directions, for this extraordinary creative universe.”

This show sounds exciting! And, it supports a lot of the rumors of individual characters, such as Abraham and The Governor, getting stand-alone movies or short series runs!

What do you think of the two spinoffs and the end of The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Daryl and Carol-Centric Spinoff Ordered to Series at AMC

  1. I can’t believe you are ending it. So sad! It’s still a hit. Why end it????? Also want another Walking Dead cruise i the United States. Maybe a going away part to end it all??????

  2. will miss the regular walking dead but this sounds interesting and am thrilled Daryl and Carol are moving on together

  3. I’m really sad to know that TWD will end… I look forward to watching this every Sun. Of course I will watch the spin offs but it just won’t be the same. What about Judith? Please tell me she will be in one of these.. she’s adorable!!

  4. I will gladly watch A spinoff show with Daryl and Carol but after Glen and Abraham and taking out Carl and Rick the show is sunk!

  5. Wow I’ve been watching since the beginning it will be bitter sweet I hope we will get to know what happened to Rick. I am excited to see the other shows


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