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‘The Walking Dead’ Celebrates 100 Episodes and a Massive Pop Culture Impact

Published on October 20th, 2017 | Updated on October 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

On October 22nd, The Walking Dead will air its season 8 premiere. As usual, fans around the world will tune in to watch our favorite characters try to survive in a world that almost favors destruction.

There will be laughter and tears, moments that make you cheer and moments that hurt a bit to watch. This season promises a war, explosions, death, blood, and eventually…a new way of life.

So October 22nd is a highly anticipated date for fans of The Walking Dead, and that’s also because the series is celebrating 100 episodes.

However, they aren’t stopping there. The cast and crew are simply laying the groundwork for the next 100 episodes, and the 100 after that, too.

Here at Fan Fest, we understand how the camraderarie both on set and with fans around the world has helped to make The Walking Dead so special.

When Norman Reedus auditioned for The Walking Dead, a character was created specifically for him. If you ask us, that’s how fans of the series feel when they enter into The Walking Dead family. There is a special and unique place for all of us.

When you become a fan of a series or film, you can expect to find people who are passionate, talented, and supportive in ways that bring the series home. However, when you become a fan of The Walking Dead, you’re entering into something else entirely. It’s not just a fan base, it’s not just a weekly escape – it’s a place where people from across the world find companionship and find themselves in the characters and their fight. It’s a home of it’s own.

We find ourselves in the Ricks and the Daryls, the Maggies and the Michonnes, the Glenns and the Abrahams and even the Negans and the Dwights. We find ourselves in their struggle and their triumph, and we find ourselves helping those who struggle and rooting for those who triumph as well.

When we first saw Glenn in his fast red car, we saw ourselves in the naivety and the hope that he kept in his heart. When we saw Hershel’s heart break when his animated wife was killed, knowing there was no other way, our hearts broke too. When we saw Beth break down Daryl’s walls, we felt our own break apart and when we saw Abraham kneel tall in front of Negan, refusing to back down to save his family, we hoped we’d be that strong, too, if we ever faced such dire circumstances.

As the series prepares for the premiere of its 100th episode, we’re all looking back at the last 7 seasons and seeing what we’ve achieved together. From the laughter to the tears, the hours spent watching the series to the hours spent traveling to conventions; we’ve become a unit, an unbreakable unit. So when we think of 100 episodes, 8 seasons, a cast and crew that have become family…we have to think of all of us.

To the scavengers and the Alexandrian’s, from the Hilltop to The Kingdom and in good times and bad, we’ve chosen what to risk it all for.

We are The Walking Dead, and this family is the family you risk it all for.

So thanks to the cast and crew who give their all, and then some, to make The Walking Dead everything that it is. Here’s to the next 100.


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