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‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Sums up the Series so Far in 30 Seconds

Published on September 26th, 2017 | Updated on September 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

If you’re anything like us, and we imagine most of you are, you don’t really need a summary of what the past seasons of The Walking Dead have held. In fact, you can probably remember the episodes better than you can remember most things. The series pulls you in and captivates you, which is to be expected, it is a show about the zombie apocalypse after all.

However, it’s always nice to have a refresher, especially before the new season starts, and the cast of The Walking Dead have graciously provided us with one. They also managed to do so in 30 seconds.

The entire thing will make you laugh, especially when they realize they just about summed up…well…nothing, but they gave it a real shot.

Lauren Cohan starts off by trying to let fans know of the starting location, only, she gets it wrong at first.

‘We start in a farm, no we don’t, we start in an unknown city.’

Norman Reedus sums up the search to find a cure and why they still haven’t found said cure.

‘They’re on this search together to find a cure for this but they never find a cure for this because this big guy with a mullet is a big liar.’

Andrew Lincoln describes what happened when we see Rick wake up for the first time, and it’s exactly how we felt when we saw it too.

‘There are flowers and they’re breaking apart and then I wake up and oh sh– everything is fu— up.’

Danai Gurira explained what the zombies were, and again, it’s quite an accurate description.

‘There are things all around and they’re people but they’re not and they’re sort of dead…but they’re not.’

Melissa McBride just gave viewers a lot of names of who died, and a spoiler alert (for those who haven’t seen season 7) and quite honestly, that’s a huge part of the series.

‘Dale dies, Beth dies, Lori dies. Spoiler alert…Abraham and Glenn die.’

You can watch the entire video for yourself here, and we’ll give you a spoiler alert of our own, you’re going to find yourselves loving the cast even more than you already do.

The Walking Dead returns with its 100th episode on October 22nd.


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