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‘The Walking Dead’: Can We Talk About Gunther the Savior Real Quick?

Published on November 13th, 2017 | Updated on November 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

It goes without saying that last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was an extremely heavy one. First, there was the loss of nearly the entire Kingdom army. Then we had to watch them all reanimate and try to kill  King Ezekiel, which was another gut punch. Unfortunately, those moments weren’t even the worst of it. In the episode’s closing moments, our beloved tiger Shiva sacrificed herself to a horde of walkers to save Ezekiel as he watched in horror. It was completely devastating and resulted in us all staring at our screens like this:

Image result for crying gif the walking dead

However, despite being an episode of heartbreak, fans of The Walking Dead were quick to find some distractions and humor throughout – mainly having to do with this Savior:

Thanks to Chris Hardwick on Talking Deadnon-comic book readers learned that this here Savior was named Gunther (even though he introduced himself to Ezekiel as Negan). Gunther hits the scene by first murdering Alvaro and then capturing a wounded Ezekiel to take him back to Negan. Now, this is all fine and well, he’s a Savior just doing what he’s been told to do, however, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Gunther looked and acted unlike any Savior we’d seen before.

Almost immediately comparisons to notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer were all over Twitter and even received a mention on Talking Dead by Hardwick.

Related image

However, the comparisons didn’t stop there. Viewers then began giving other suggestions for who they believed Gunther was channeling and the results were absolutely perfect.

Ace Ventura/Jim Carey 

Napolean Dynamite references were abundant!

My personal favorite

There were some popular movie/TV dad references

Wet Hot American Summer

Office Space

Of course, there were a few fans who felt that his look wasn’t the best of distractions.

Overall, I think that we can all agree:

Thankfully we didn’t have to watch Gunther torture Ezekiel for too long as Jerry showed up and sliced him in half using his iconic battle ax.

Animated GIF

What were your thoughts on Gunther? Did he remind you of anyone?

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