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The Walking Dead Brings Back Steven Ogg

Published on July 14th, 2023 | Updated on July 14th, 2023 | By FanFest

In the latest installment of “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” the focus remains on Maggie and Negan as they persist in their mission to save Hershel from the clutches of the Croat. Throughout the show, Maggie experiences recurring nightmares that reference characters like Glenn and Annie from the original series, utilizing archival footage. However, the recent episode introduced a surprising cameo from the past.

“Dead City” takes viewers back to the peak Savior era through a significant and revealing flashback scene, reintroducing Simon (Steven Ogg) to “The Walking Dead” world. As we know, Simon served as Negan’s second-in-command until their relationship took a turn for the worse. In a failed coup, Negan gained the upper hand and ultimately strangled Simon to his demise. The fourth episode of “Dead City” opens with Negan and his iconic weapon, Lucille the bat, casually sitting at a table. Enter Simon, who informs Negan of a problem arising among their ranks. As they stroll down a hallway, Simon reveals that someone has been causing trouble and stirring complaints.

This person turns out to be the Croat, who boasts about extracting a confession from a girl allegedly affiliated with King Ezekiel’s spy network. It’s likely that the confession was coerced through torture in an attempt to quell any further resistance. This aligns with Negan’s explanation to Maggie regarding his split from the Croat. Negan’s anger escalates as he comes face to face with the girl’s mutilated corpse. Although the actual events are not shown, it can be assumed that this incident prompted Negan to expel the Croat from his group.

In the present day, the Croat yearns for the return of the “good old days,” unaware that Negan has undergone a transformation since the days when he shot off the Croat’s ear. While still a formidable force, Negan has become less chaotic and more remorseful. By bringing Simon back, even if only for a brief flashback, “Dead City” provides valuable context to Negan’s intricate relationship with the Croat and sheds light on his tumultuous past. While it remains uncertain if any other familiar faces will make cameo appearances in “Dead City,” viewers eagerly anticipate the outcome of the tension-filled reunion between Negan and the Croat.

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