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The Walking Dead: Big Blunder! Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Phone Shows on Screen in Negan’s Pocket

Published on April 2nd, 2022 | Updated on April 2nd, 2022 | By FanFest

Even if you’re just acting in it, life is difficult in the post-apocalyptic world, as The Walking Dead has shown for nearly eleven years now. Hundreds, if not thousands, of moving elements must function together to produce high-quality work that fans are used to seeing.

The Walking Dead‘s newest season has been a particularly moody one, and even its main protagonist has gone through some major character development. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s bad guy-turned-protagonist Negan is a fantastic example of this. Yes, perhaps it makes sense that the actor who plays the redeemed individual gets some blame after his cell phone showed up on screen.

The timeline-breaking appearance of Morgan’s phone, which immediately brought to mind one of TV’s most famous on-screen prop mistakes: Game of Thrones’ notorious coffee cup, has gone unnoticed by fans until now. And, much like pictures of the phone hanging out of Negan’s jeans will remind us of that misplaced drinking vessel, so will fans’ screengrabs. Here’s what Morgan had to say about the telecommunicative gaffe on Twitter:

This isn’t an indication that Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t have a wallet, of course. It’s more like a testament to his reputation for being quick on the phone during downtime, although fans will no doubt be wondering why he didn’t feel it at the time. Negan does not require a wallet, so something should have felt wrong.

Not surprisingly, this wasn’t the only time that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s phone showed up in the world of The Walking Dead. One of the responses to the actor’s “Oops” message highlighted a prior occurrence, with one fan suggesting it was from when Negan burst into Alexandria during Season 7 and killed everyone.

It’s possible that this is nothing more than an old pack of cigarettes. I’m not sure what it is, but it looks like a few packs of baseball cards. Whatever the case may be, The Walking Dead‘s editing crew appears to be paying closer attention to character pockets during production of the final eps.

The Walking Dead Season 11 will return later this year for the AMC drama’s final eight episodes ever, ahead of its midseason hiatus.

Oops! They found one more, Jeffrey!

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