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‘The Walking Dead’: Angela Kang Details More About The Whisperers

Published on December 27th, 2018 | Updated on December 27th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead’s creepiest villains are descending, and we are learning more about them.

The week before Christmas, AMC released a slew of content featuring the eerie crew, including key art and an exclusive clip of Samantha Morton as Alpha of the Whisperers. She is making and sewing a walker face to fit her own, and it’s something out of the most creepy horror film you’ve ever seen. From the slimy skin to the hair poking out, it’s all just, icky.

The Whisperers are lead by Alpha and Beta (Ryan Hurst). Angela Kang is offering a little more info about the creepy crew to

We don’t blame her, it certainly evokes a feeling of fear from the viewers to see scenes reminiscent of some famous and most gruesome horror movies, in which the villains use human body parts and skin to evoke fear in their victims. She goes on to say,

“And then it’s like, I just feel like the answer was so much more strange and rewarding than I thought it would be. So that’s really fun, I think to delve into. So I’m really excited for the people who don’t know the story to hopefully see the twists unfold.”

Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst are being raved about by the cast and crew as well. Kang states that they are one of the most exciting aspects of the storyline.

I’m really excited about the cast we have, Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst as Alpha and Beta. I just think they brought so much energy and intensity already to the process, like in such a great way. And I think we get to tell a bit of a story that is sort of a mystery. I think in many ways they’re the most formidable group that we’ve come across because they have the power of zombies behind them. So that’s something that I’m really excited for people to see.”

The Walking Dead is back on February 10th on AMC.


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