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‘The Walking Dead’: Angela Kang Clears up the Whisperers Stealing Saviors Theorys

Published on October 22nd, 2018 | Updated on October 24th, 2018 | By FanFest

Caution: This article contains spoilers from episode 903 of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead episode 903, ‘Warning Signs’ aired Sunday night, and answered a few questions fans have been asking since the first trailer for season 9 aired in July at San Diego Comic Com.

Throughout the first three episodes, several Saviors had been found dead around the various camps. It has turned into a mystery and ended up with people pointing fingers at people who were completely innocent. The mystery had people turning on each other, and even left Rick asking Daryl if it was him who was doing the killings.

Since the first trailer for the season dropped in July, fans were wondering if certain signs were pointing to “The Whisperers”. They appear in the comics near this timeline, and wreak havoc on Rick’s crew. Fans thought they may have heard whispering among the walkers in the trailer, but last night the theories were smashed, when we found out that the women of Oceanside were actually the ones committing the crimes; seeking revenge for their loved ones.

Showrunner Angela Kang appeared on the Walker Stalkers Podcast after the show, and told fans that her intent for the ‘whodunnit’ mainly stemmed from the idea of a murder mystery. We love a Murderino!

This story line was really fun for us, I love stories that have a little bit of mystery to them, so you can follow along and figure out what ti is that you’re watching and think is it this person, is it that person? It’s not a murder mystery show, but it was kind of fun to work in something that felt like a murder mystery over a series of episodes.

She went on to say that The Whisperers were barely a second thought in the writers’ room for this storyline.

What’s interesting is, when we were working on it, my initial thinking wasn’t “Oh, we’re trying to fake out that it’s the whisperers.” What we want to do is fake out that it might be Daryl, it might be Jadis. You know, we did kind of want to throw in those red herrings in the story so that you’re not exactly sure what’s happened. I think somebody in the writers room did at some point go “Oh, well maybe people will think its The Whisperers. And I’m like, okay, but there’s nothing specific we were trying to do to tip it that way.


There were several theories out there aside from The Whisperers, and Angela says the speculation was welcome.

I even heard that there was a fan theory that maybe it was Dwight. And I was like, that’s not even something that occurred to me. I definitely wanted that speculation because that’s kind of the fun of watching a story like that. I’m glad that there were a lot of theories floating out there.

The Whisperers are actually on their way to the series, with the confirmation of Ryan Hurst as Beta.

For now, we are instead turning our attention to whatever group Jadis is contacting on her walkie talkie. Whoever they are, she was trading people to them.

Do you think this new group, (who is concerned with the A’s and B’s of survivors) is going to be trouble?

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