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The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Regrets Leaving the Show – Returning as Rick Grimes Soon?

We are starting to get more and more information on the world of The Walking Dead.  With the season set to return in February, which will be the show’s last,. there are considerable buzz and rumors abound!

Andrew Lincoln, who played Rick Grimes, departed the show in Season 9.  However, according to his buddy and former co-star, Norman Reedus, who portrays Daryl Dixon on the hit zombie-drama, Lincoln may be regretting his decision to part ways with The Walking Dead television show.

According to Reedus, who spoke with EW, he’s been keeping in contact with Lincoln and Lincoln has expressed his regrets that he may have left the show too soon.

“It’s funny because I talked to Andy the other day. And he was like, ‘Man, I picked the wrong time to leave the show because it’s so fucking good right now.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, you did, dude. You picked the wrong time.’”

However, Lincoln isn’t done with the world of The Walking Dead. This week, Robert Kirkman, the show’s creator, and producer David Alpert, both commented on the status of the Rick Grimes feature film in the midst of the pandemic.

“We’re coming along in a big way. We’re just in this particular space where we have [to be patient],” said David Alpert. “We can’t shoot right now, so that’s just the big thing holding us back.”

“We are desperate to get back into production, and get everything going,” Alpert added, “but we have something really exciting, really unique, really different, and can’t wait to get it going. We just have to wait for it to be safe.”

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, believes that the delay, and now the pandemic, will actually help the film be even better.  “There’s tons of stuff going on behind the scenes. I don’t want anyone to think that we’re just kind of waiting around for this pandemic to end,” Kirkman said. “I would say that, if anything, the pandemic is going to make a lot of movies better. I think the Rick Grimes movie chief among them, just because we’re getting a lot more time to cook this thing and make sure it’s perfect. But when things do quiet down, you guys are going to hear a ton more about this movie.”

What do you think about all of the news from The Walking Dead and are you excited about the shows return on February 28th? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Regrets Leaving the Show – Returning as Rick Grimes Soon?

  1. I absolutely love Rick Grimes, I miss him so much and the show, waiting, waiting, waiting, good news soon ♥️ I hope!

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