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The Walking Dead: AMC Teases What’s Next For Alexandria!

Published on June 21st, 2021 | Updated on June 22nd, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead ended its tenth season with an awesome episode centering on Negan some time ago. Everyone’s eyes are on the future though and what’s next for the final season of The Walking Dead when it starts this August. Many of the more intimate details are being kept under wraps. But AMC is teasing what’s next for Alexandria when the show returns for The Walking Dead season 11.

The final season will cover the last arc from the comics, with some pretty huge differences. This will cover the arc that introduced The Commonwealth, the largest group of human survivors in The Walking Dead. I should also mention they have the biggest military.

If you want to find out a little more about the arc, from the comics anyway, you can always pick up The Walking Dead #175-193 which would give you all the info you need.

Now, since AMC is teasing what’s next for Alexandria, the home to most of our remaining characters, they released a synopsis. The synopsis is actually what’s teasing these future events we can expect in the final season of the show. Read it for yourself, though!

Here’s the synopsis for The Walking Dead season 11.

Previously on The Walking Dead, our survivors confronted past demons and combated new threats, with friendships and relationships suffering from the mounting collateral damage that is the apocalypse. Alexandria is severely compromised, left a former shell of the home it once was from the carnage and devastation left behind by the Whisperers.

Now all who live in Alexandria struggle to refortify it and feed its increasing number of residents, which include the survivors from the fall of the Kingdom and the burning of Hilltop; along with Maggie and her new group, the Wardens. Alexandria has more people than it can manage to feed and protect. Their situation is dire as tensions heat up over past events and self-preservation rises to the surface within the ravaged walls.

They must secure more food while they attempt to restore Alexandria before it collapses like countless other communities they have come across throughout the years. But where and how? More haggard and hungrier than ever before, they must dig deeper to find the effort and strength to safeguard the lives of their children, even if it means losing their own.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those at Alexandria, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are still being held captive by mysterious soldiers who are members of a larger and unforthcoming group.

The final season will have twenty-four episodes instead of the usual sixteen. It seems like every single one of these episodes is going to be needed to wrap up the various plotlines. Who will live? Who will die? We’ll find out this August when The Walking Dead returns on AMC.


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One thought on “The Walking Dead: AMC Teases What’s Next For Alexandria!

  1. I’m excited to see what’s next, but sad TWD is Ending . I’ve watched sence the beginning and hoped it would pick back up if Rick returned, at least 4 awhile LONGER! I’ve waited 4 Ricks movie’s 2 B? so long I grew Old! Disheartened fan but still watching, All the Deads, Maybe in FEAR Madison will be Rescued that would be interesting …Afan


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