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The Walking Dead: AMC Is Considering A Negan Spin-Off With Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Spin-Off Could Pack A Whallop!

Published on June 5th, 2021 | Updated on June 5th, 2021 | By FanFest

Negan has always been a popular character on The Walking Dead, and fans can’t get enough of him. From the moment he walked out of that trailer, fans knew Jeffrey Dean Morgan was going to nail it. Now AMC is considering a Negan spin-off.

This probably isn’t surprising to fans, especially after The Walking Dead season 10 bonus episodes. Some of those episodes prominently featured Negan, especially the season finale.

The finale, in fact, was all about Negan. The season 10 finale, titled “Here’s Negan”, adapted the comic book one-shot of the same name. It was an exploration of Negan’s origin story.

The episode revealed how Negan became the man we love to hate, and even showed how he found Lucille. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife, Hilarie Burton, portrayed Negan’s wife on-screen, Lucille. The person, not the bat.

The episode was so popular that AMC sent out surveys afterwards, asking fans if they would be interested in a saviours spin-off. This spin-off would, rumoredly, show Negan building the group that would one day take on Rick’s group.

The Negan actor confirmed that a spin-off was definitely being talked about on an appearance of Conan. The quote was found on, as were most quotes in this article.

“We’ll see. It’s definitely being talked about, I think they’re thinking of a couple different ideas, but I’ve definitely had conversations about possibly continuing the story of Negan. You know, we just did the ‘Here’s Negan’ story, which is sort of the prequel [of] how Negan became this guy, and I shot that with my wife which was so cool. It was awesome. We had so much fun, and I think the episode turned out really well.”

Morgan, before “Here’s Negan” even entered production, had expressed interest in bringing the character to the big screen. He spoke about it during last year’s Walking Dead Family Hangout. While he spoke about it during the hangout, we found the quote on

“I’m very lucky to play him because he’s become so well-rounded, and this kind of redemption arc that he’s been on has been very interesting to play. And I think the Negan Lives comic book kind of carries that on. It’s a great little story, it’s just a little slice of a day in the life of [Negan]. It’s great, and I would love to. I always wanted to film that and then the prequel to Negan [Here’s Negan], there’s a comic book for that as well. I’d love to do that.”

Fans hoping for more Negan backstory in season 11 may be out of luck, though. Angela Kang, the showrunner, doesn’t think we’ll see that in season 11. She told Entertainment Weekly as much.

“There’s a ton of story in terms of what happens between this [‘Here’s Negan’] and his very first murder monologue, and when our characters cross him. So I really hope that that is a story that is told at some point, but it will probably not be on the Walking Dead mothership series.”

Do you guys want a Negan spin-off? Let us know in the comments!

The Walking Dead will be back on AMC this August for its final season!


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