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The Walking Dead: All of the Things You Missed in the Newest Episode

Published on March 1st, 2021 | Updated on March 1st, 2021 | By FanFest

The Walking Dead returned last night for the first of six brand new episodes to complete an extended season 10.  This first episode, “Home Sweet Home,” followed the return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to Alexandria to find them under attack and then deal with the period immediately thereafter. If you watched the episode, there may have been some easter eggs (references) that you may have missed.  As the show heads towards it’s ending point, be prepared for a lot of nostalgia.

Maggie vs. Negan

We were all prepared for a major confrontation between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie.  Aaaaaand… it didn’t happen. There was no dialogue between the two characters.  Instead, there was an intense, stare-down (primarily from Maggie).  You know the show will have to address this.  But Maggie seeing that Negan is just wandering freely has to make her blood boil.  Maggie says she left the group because she couldn’t handle Negan’s presence.  Will she leave again?

The Walking Dead Logo in the Opening Credits

As is customary, the logo in the opening credits continues to change.  This time, which may be a first, there was blood present in the logo.  Typically, the logo has just continued to deteriorate with each season.  However, this change is during the season, going from a logo with fire to a logo with blood.  We aren’t sure what that means but it can’t be a great sign for things to come.


Georgie and The Commonwealth

Ever since the appearance of Georgie, who Maggie eventually went to live with, fans had assumed (because of the comic books) that Georgie was the leader of The Commonwealth.  Or, at least, that Georgie was connected to The Commonwealth.  Georgie provided Alexandria with an extensive book that gave them information on how to rebuild and do some pretty amazing things with the tools they had available to them.  However, in true Walking Dead fashion, the writers took an abrupt turn and made Georgie part of a completely different community.  We’re guessing with the addition of the new shows and the pending Rick Grimes movies, The Commonwealth story line got rewritten and so did Georgie’s involvement.


Hershel, Glenn and Look Up There!

It only is appropriate that the first appearance of Hershel Rhee finds him from a higher viewpoint, looking down and smiling. Why is this important? It’s just a throwback to the first time we met Glenn.  Not only are they wearing almost identical outfits, but they’ve both got that kind of mischievous look to them but, at the same time, come across friendly.  We can’t wait to learn more about Hershel.  It’s our guess, that like Judith, that Hershel plays a big role in the ending of The Walking Dead.



Judith and Her Mother

At the beginning of the episode, we find Judith and Maggie out in the woods.  Maggie takes care of a walker but Judith claims she could have handled it on her own.  Maggie then says, “You are your mother’s daughter.” No, this isn’t a reference to Lori.  It’s clearly a reference to Michonne.  Judith never knew Lori and Michonne is clearly the better warrior and aggressor.

Third Billing

Lauren Cohan returns to the opening credits of The Walking Dead. Now this isn’t really a surprise.  But, what is interesting is that Cohan’s name appears third, after Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.  Even though Cohan returned to the show, he name now appears in the position as you’d expect – the third longest tenured character on the show.  What is interesting is that it jumps ahead of actors like Ross Marquand, Seth Gilliam and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who have become well established actors on the show.  These things are negotiated when actors sign their contracts.  To see Cohan make the jump back to third is either a show of respect or a negotiated term to her return.


Did you catch anything new or interesting in the episode? If so, let us know in the comments below!

The Walking Dead is back this weekend with a Daryl-centered episode called, “Find Me.”

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