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‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Matt Lintz on Working with Melissa McBride

Published on November 25th, 2018 | Updated on November 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

Caution: Contains spoilers for The Walking Dead episode 9×08, Evolution.

In the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead’s 9th season, we learn a lot more about Henry as he grows up and turns into a teenager. He and Carol have arrived at Hilltop where Henry is going to be an apprentice. Carol drops him off there, just like he’s going off to school.

In last week’s episode, we also see Henry getting to see a lot of Carol and Daryl’s relationship. At one point, he emphasizes to Daryl just how important he is to her.

We got to chat with Matt Lintz, who is actually the older brother to Madison Lintz and Macsen Lintz, who played Sophia and young Henry. The Lintz family actually knew Melissa McBride (Carol) well before the series began.

We’ve all known Melissa for a long long time. Even before The Walking Dead, my mom worked with her on a movie called The Mist. She’s a really familiar face and it’s made it easy for me to step up and be next in line.

He says it’s interesting how he and his siblings have all had roles on the show.

It’s definitely an interesting thing the writers have some because I don’t think it was intentional at first, but now it’s become this cool Easter egg for the fans.

Matt is grateful to get to step up and be on the show now and is excited to see where Henry goes.

I’m glad to be on the show and wherever the writers take Henry is where I’ll be glad to go. It’s such a blessing to be on the show, especially after having The Walking Dead be part of my life for the seasons it’s been on, and now getting to be part of it.

The Walking Dead will return for the second half of season 9 in 2019.


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