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‘The Walking Dead’: A Clue to Beta’s Backstory

Published on September 22nd, 2019 | Updated on September 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week’s Fear the Walking Dead episode “Today and Tomorrow” had eagle-eyed fans paying extra attention to Daniel’s record collection.

While Daniel (Ruben Blades) and Grace (Karen David) are being attacked by some very stealthy walkers, his record collection spills out onto the street. We get a close up on the records as Daniel goes to pick them up, almost getting bit in the process…

Side note, I love that Daniel wanted to pick them up for Charlie, but the risk of getting bit just doesn’t seem worth it.

AMC screenshot

Do you see what I see? Is that Ryan Hurst? Fans, like me, believe that we are seeing Beta on the cover of a record. Would it be that farfetched? We don’t know anything about Beta’s past, or what he really looks like.

Actually, this isn’t that far off from Beta’s comic book backstory. In the comics, Beta was famous before the apocalypse. He was a baseball player and an actor.

This could be another deviation from the source material or, it could be a coincidence, but I guess we’ll find out.

I can’t wait for Beta to finally take his skin off and see everyone’s reaction to his true identity. I wonder if Alpha knows, maybe she’s the only one who knows?

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