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‘The Walking Dead’: 10 Most Shocking Deaths

Published on April 6th, 2016 | Updated on April 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

While you were watching
The Walking Dead have you ever
found yourself having those moments
in which you were like ‘Oh my
god, did that
really just happen?’? How about when it comes to character
deaths in
particular? After
watching this Season Six Finale
episode and being left on a
major cliffhanger as to who we lost this season,
I began thinking
all of those that we have lost since the very beginning. Some,
shocking than others. After a
few days of binge-watching and research, I
have calculated the 10
Most Shocking Deaths
have taken
place on The Walking Dead.

10. Mika


AMC; The Walking


Okay, so we all know that
Mika’s sister Lizzie was going
just a taaad bit crazy, correct?
Mika on the other hand was a

sweetheart, and grew to be a fan favorite. Mika was extremely brilliant for
age and despite her best
attempts to keep her sister in line… it failed her.
Especially since it
was her own sister who killed her.
Mika’s death was
certainly, extremely shocking to me. May you rest in
peace, sweet angel


9. Noah (Season 5)

AMC; The Walking

Well, I
think we can say
karma wound up biting Nicholas hard for this one…well…among
things. When we picked up Noah in
Season 5, I was certain with his vast
knowledge and expertise, Rick found
himself a real keeper for the
group. Alas, I
was once again wrong… and also, I will never look at
revolving doors the same

8. Shane

AMC; The Walking

From the moment
Rick and Shane reunited, we should
seen the signs. Especially when Shane started to become more and more

unpredictable and dangerous
with his rage and his jealousy. Unlike Rick, Shane
had no moral conscience
for outsiders. Shane consistently
remains at odds with
Rick’s moral leadership, as he believed that Rick was
incapable of leading and
Shane himself would be a better leader. When Shane and Rick both went into

the woods in the Season 2 episode
‘Better Angels’, I knew that only one would
be coming out. The writers had
pretty much set the stage for
Rick to control of
the group, so while I had a feeling Shane would be the
one to leave us… I
did not expect it to go down the way it did. Nor did I expect Shane to

reanimate as a zombie, resulting in
Carl shooting him in the head. Talking about


AMC; The Walking Dead

Although Axel was not with us for a
long time, his death was
nonetheless shocking and certainly caught me off guard.
For those of you who
don’t remember the details of
Axel’s death, He was killed
by The Governor from a shot to the head during
The Governor’s surprise assault

on the prison. One minute he’s having a casual conversation with Carol
of the prison, and then
moments later, he’s gone.

6. Merle

The Walking

I don’t know about anyone else, but I absolutely
loved Merle. He
certainly not
have been on Rick’s list of favorite people, but I loved the
character. His
character development through
the seasons were wonderful, and
Michael Rooker did an amazing job portraying
the character. When he decided
take on The Governor alone, given how bad-ass the character was, I
thought that
he was going to
succeed in killing The Governor. Alas, The Governor gained the
upper hand
and wound up shooting Merle (after
biting off two of his fingers). It
broke my heart when Daryl came back
searching for his brother, only to
find his
brother had been reanimated as a walker. Merle’s death was
certainly both
shocking and deeply

5. Denise

The Walking

Much like Axel’s death, Denise’s death had me
jumping in my seat
in complete
and utter shock. Whether Dwight’s shot was accidental or not, her
death was
certainly shocking. Poor girl
didn’t even get to finish her monologue
before she was shot


The Walking Dead
AMC; The Walking

One of the most
shocking, and one of the most

depressing moments in The Walking Dead. Hershel’s death literally

ripped my heart in half. If
The Governor really wanted to make a statement
directed at Rick, he should
have just had his own western
stand-down with Rick
or something. Herhsel’s moral guidance helped Rick
reclaim himself as the
person he
once was, showing Rick that there was still good in some people. The

Governor’s execution of Hershel was a
demonstration of how cynical he really
was. One of my favorite TWD moments
was when Rick brought Carl to
farm and helped save the young boy. We will never forget you,


Tyreese Williams

AMC; The Walking Dead

After years of

fighting off hordes of walkers,
Tyreese’s fight finally came to an end when he
was bitten by Noah’s walker
brother. Tyreese, Noah, Rick,
Glenn and Michonne
had ventured out to Richmond, Virginia to see if any of
Noah’s family members
still alive. While searching one of the bedrooms, Noah’s walker brother

came out and bit Tyreese on his arm.
Immediately following the bite, Tyreese
began to have insane hallucinates of
various dead character from the
Tyreese’s death was an extreme shock, which is why I moved him up to
Number 3.
Did not see it
coming, at all.

2. Beth

AMC; The Walking Dead

all that time
of searching
for Beth, when the group discovered her in the hospital, I thought
she was
going to be home free. This could
technically be considered a death
chalked up because of Noah. After-all,
Beth did stab Dawn in the

shoulder after Dawn demanded Noah be returned to her when Rick and his crew

agreed to the arrangement of
exchanging Beth for Dawn’s police officer that
they captured. Beth stabbing
Dawn in the shoulder resulted in
Dawn reflexively
pulling out her gun and shooting Beth in the head,
instantly killing


1. Sophia

AMC; The 
Walking Dead
AMC; The Walking

sweet Sophia. Sophia’s death
absolutely broke and
devastated me. When she walked out of that barn, I
almost slid off of my couch I
so overcome with shock, sadness and just plain ‘how’? Walker Sophia coming

out of the barn was definitely
one of The Walking Dead’s most shocking moments
in general. After all this
build-up of searching for her,
Sophia’s fate was
extremely unfortunate. Rest in peace, sweet


thoughts with me! What deaths on The Walking Dead would you say

shocked you the most?

Be sure
to cast your vote
with us on
who you think met ‘Lucille’ on the Season 6 finale.

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