The Walking Dead: 10 Most Popular Episodes in 10 Years

The Walking Dead will go down as the television show that dominated the 2010’s.  In ten seasons, the show became the highest rated cable show of all time, blowing away past viewership numbers. Although the show’s ratings and viewers have dramatically declined in past seasons, Season 10 has been rated its highest by Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Let’s take a look at how viewers have rated the top ten episodes in The Walking Dead’s first ten seasons, as we close out the decade. The scores are based on fan scoring.

Number 10 – “The Grove” Season 4, Episode 14

“The Grove” scored a 9.2 fan rating. Possibly one of the most emotional episodes ever in the history of The Walking Dead, we had to “look at the flowers” to get through this episode.  Melissa McBride’s performance, as Carol, was phenomenal. But when is she not?


Number 9 – “Pretty Much Dead Already” Season 2, Episode 7

“Pretty Much Dead Already” scored a 9.3 fan rating. For many viewers, this was the episode with the moment that had fans hooked on The Walking Dead.  Filled with that major “surprise”, fans were now in for the ride.


Number 8 – “Killer Within” Season 3, Episode 4

“Killer Within” scored a 9.3 fan rating.  This episode would see the loss of two characters and would spark an endless number of Rick and Carl memes about Rick telling jokes to Coral.


Number 7 – “Conquer” Season 5, Episode 16

“Conquer” scored a 9.3 fan rating. This episode was one of The Walking Dead’s most violent and “oh shit” moments in the show’s history.


Number 6 – “JSS” Season 6, Episode 2

“JSS” scored a 9.3 fan rating. A full introduction to Enid (Katelyn Nacon), we learned of the character’s ability to survive on her own.


Number 5 – “Thank You” Season 6, Episode 3

“Thank You” scored a 9.3 fan rating. An intense episode that left us pondering the fate of Glenn (Steven Yeun) and whether we’d see our beloved character ever again on The Walking Dead.


Number 4 – “The Calm Before” Season 9, Episode 15

“The Calm Before” scored a 9.4 fan rating.  Everyone should already know that fairs and carnie-folk are dangerous.  But, on The Walking Dead, they should be even more dangerous and deadly.  This episode left numerous characters without their heads thanks to the efforts of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whisperers.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Number 3 – “No Sanctuary” Season 5, Episode 1

“No Sanctuary” scored a 9.6 fan rating.  The arrival at Terminus began a dark, twisted episode that put the fates of our favorite characters in question and started a turn of events that were deadly.


Number 2 – “Too Far Gone” Season 4, Episode 8

“Too Far Gone” scored a 9.7 fan rating. An action packed episode that culminated in one of the most gut-wrenching moments in The Walking Dead’s history.


Number 1 – “No Way Out” Season 6, Episode 9

“No Way Out” scored a 9.7 fan rating but with nearly two thousand more votes than “Too Far Gone.” The episode’s description was, “Now that walkers have shown up inside the gates of Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the other survivors are scared and outnumbered.” The episode was a literal blood bath and had an extremely shocking death.  Check out the fan reactions to the episode below!


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