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The Trailer for Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ Just Released! Watch it Now!

Barbie is set for release in 2023, and the trailer just released with featuring its star Margot Robbie.

With three-time Academy Award-nominated director Gerwig signed on to direct, Robbie and Ryan Gosling were both confirmed for the film in January 2022. It could just be a match made in heaven after Gerwig’s triumphs with Lady Bird and Little Women. The film has been trapped in development hell for a long time, with Amy Schumer previously rumored for the title role.

Barbie will debut in theaters July 21, 2023, competing against movies like Oppenheimer and The Marvels. The Oppenheimer vs Barbie memes have already begun, but Brie Larson’s huge Captain Marvel sequel may ultimately overshadow them.

Simu Liu will appear in Barbie, and considering Captain Marvel’s appearance in Shang-Chi, he may show up in two of the top 2023 films. The protagonist is Ryan Gosling as Ken. Whether or not this Ken will be as excellent as the one in Toy Story 3 is yet to be seen.

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