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The ‘The Flash’ Trailer Reveals Michael Keaton’s Comeback, But Sad News Awaits His Return

Published on February 13th, 2023 | Updated on February 13th, 2023 | By FanFest

After what seemed like a never-ending wait, fans are finally able to witness Michael Keaton’s Batman again in The Flash movie – an event that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. With the release of the trailer, viewers can now savor their hopes of seeing this beloved superhero on screen one more time.

Tim Burton’s Dark Knight was met with much excitement when it was revealed that he would be donning the cape and cowl again after 30 years, but Warner Bros. continuous interruptions have caused his triumphant return to fizzle before it ever really had a chance to take off.

After the unfortunate cancellation of Batgirl, the actor took on a substantial supporting role, and by James Gunn and Peter Safran’s own accounts, it was far from an excellent film. The odds are slim to none that this notorious tax write-off will ever be released unless someone illegally obtains it from wherever it is stored.

Furthermore, the changes in storylines meant that Keaton’s post-credit cameo was erased from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. At the last minute, Ben Affleck came to provide continuity for this film. James Gunn has disclosed that The Brave and the Bold will introduce a different Batman; thus, we should enjoy Keaton’s brief comeback while we still can!

With all the hype surrounding The Flash, it looks like this movie is sure to deliver, even if we know that Batman won’t be around for much longer after the credits roll. Fortunately, there’s still plenty to look forward to with The Flash!

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