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The Suicide Squad Magazine Covers Are Here! They’re Really Sick!

The Suicide Squad will be here soon enough! We are literally mere weeks away from the release of The Suicide Squad in movie theatres and on HBO Max! We’ve seen new trailers, posters, and clips! Now, The Suicide Squad magazine covers are here and they’re actually pretty dope!

The Suicide Squad will be plastered all over Empire Magazine, with a total of five different covers! Collectors better get on these fast, because we think they’re going to be hot as hell! Okay, maybe not that hot but you should still grab them.

For those curious, we’re gonna go ahead and post the tweet that reveals all the different covers down below. Like that you can all argue amongst yourselves about which one looks the best in the comments!

There is actually going to be a sixth cover for people who are subscribed to the magazine. This is a special one that features a sketch on it, as opposed to a photo which is pretty awesome! I think that one is my personal favorite one!

Even James Gunn got in on the fun, responding to one of the tweets. “I read the issue yesterday. I can’t believe how much cool information you got out of me and the cast. AMAZING stuff all around.”

We’ve seen many teases for The Suicide Squad already. It really looks like James Gunn is bringing some of that Guardians Of The Galaxy magic over to the DCEU! We’re really hoping this movie delivers where the first one did not!

As we mentioned above, The Suicide Squad is really close to releasing! The movie will be available both in theatres and on HBO Max on August 6! We’re really excited about this one and we can’t wait to see what the movie is all about! We’ll see you on August 6!

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