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The ‘Squid Game’ Actor Isn’t Ruling Out a Second Season.

The Squid Game was unquestionably the most popular TV show of 2021, and as we get ready for a second season to premiere soon, one of the main characters from the series has shared his thoughts on their character and the program’s future.

Park Hae-soo, who played Cho Sang-Woo in the first season of Discussing Film, discussed a possible return in the show’s second season with Discussing Film, not ruling it out entirely but expressing what else he’d want to see going forward.

“Well, whether or not my character will be returning [in Squid Game Season 2], that’s all in the director’s head. So that’s not anything I can say for sure. What I would love to see is the development of Gi-hun’s character and his relationship with the masked man. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to seeing. As for the games, there are so many traditional Korean childhood games that people haven’t seen yet. I would love to see something like traditional Korean jump rope.”

Fans of the original show will recall that the return of Cho Sang-Woo was improbable, as he appeared to have perished at the end of the tournament in Season 1, but it might happen in some form.

The second season of the eponymous game series has been given the go-ahead by Hulu, which announced it along with a statement from creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk.

If you haven’t yet watched the Netflix hit Squid Game, season one is now available in its entirety.

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