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The ‘Scrubs’ Cast Reunites and Discusses Revival Rumors

Published on November 21st, 2018 | Updated on November 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

Fans of the TV show Scrubs had a big reason to celebrate on Sunday. For the first time since the show wrapped nearly ten years ago, the entire cast reunited for one night only at Vulture Festival for an iconic panel discussion. The panel featured series creator Bill Lawrence as well as Scrubs stars Zach Braff (who played JD), Sarah Chalke (who played Elliot), Donald Faison (who played Turk), John C. McGinley (who played Dr. Cox), Judy Reyes (who played Carla), Ken Jenkins (who played Dr. Kelso), Neil Flynn (who played the Janitor), and Christa Miller (who played Jordan) making it the largest cast reunion since the show went off the air in 2009. There was even a guest appearance by Robert Maschio who played fan favorite character the Todd.

During the panel, the cast joked and reminisced about their time on the series, sharing tons of behind-the-scenes info with the audience in attendance, but it was Braff’s post to Twitter which really made fans lose their minds. Braff posted a photo of the entire cast at the reunion with the caption, “Season 10?” Of course, Scrubs fans went wild.

Check out Braff’s post below.

In a world where reboots and revivals are becoming commonplace, the Scrubs fandom (which is still very much alive today) has been waiting on news of a potential revival. It looks like the cast would be on board, and even the series creator Bill Lawrence said that he would be game. He retweeted Braff’s post saying, “I’m down. Great seeing you all.”

It turns out, though, a revival is most likely not on the cards for the Scrubs crew, and if it were to happen, Lawrence has some specific thoughts on how that would all go down.

The main challenge is that the entire cast is actively involved in other projects, so a standard revival season would be impossible to film. Additionally, Lawrence doesn’t want to do a revival just for the sake of doing a revival. He said during the panel, “I would do anything to get to work with not only this group[but the entire crew]. … It was the best time in my life… Sometimes reboots — not all the time — feel like a money grab.”

If a revival happened, Lawrence said that he would want to do a short film catching up with the characters after all these years.  He said, “If we ever do it, we’ll do it as a short little movie or something else,” he said. “I think the problem from me is I would just want to see where everyone is. I would want to see where their marriages are [as opposed to a huge event].”

It would be great to catch up with JD and the gang and see where their lives are today, but who knows if it will actually happen. One can only hope.

First premiering in 2001 on NBC, Scrubs ran for nine seasons (or eight seasons if you’re a die-hard scrubs fan, am I right?) before going off the air in 2010 shortly after switching networks to ABC. All seasons of the show are currently streaming on Hulu.

What do you think? Would you want to see a Scrubs revival movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and you can check out the full panel from Vulture Festival below.


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