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The Return of Michael Keaton’s Batman in HBO Max’s Batgirl Series

Published on April 15th, 2022 | Updated on April 15th, 2022 | By FanFest

The idea of Michael Keaton donning the Batman costume for the first time in three decades and returning to our screens would have sounded quite far-fetched not long ago, and that’s understating it.

Not only has the 70-year-old returned to his superhero roots as Batman, but he’ll be in two upcoming films, although which one comes first remains to be seen. The Flash was the source of Keaton’s return initially, but with the film now scheduled for June 2023, Batgirl may arrive first.

That’s assuming that HBO Max’s exclusive isn’t delayed in order to add even more canonical turmoil to the DCEU, but Leslie Grace is sure to be a hit. Speaking to Variety, the incoming Barbara Gordon spoke about the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman.

“It was wild for everyone. Our directors were like two little kids. They’re legit Batman nerds openly. He’s Batman, man! I couldn’t even believe that I was sharing space with Batman. I want to say more, but I can’t. It was insane, surreal, incredible. It was the stuff of dreams really. And J.K. Simmons playing my dad. That’s my pop. I was so nervous because all I could hear in my head was his voice in Whiplash.

Like what would he do and say if I didn’t get something right?. Then we became the best of friends. And just he told me all his great stories of starting out and being a waiter and working in a pizza shop and trying to be an actor and doing theater.”

Even though no one would be shocked if The Flash was delayed to make way for Batgirl, the series is set to premiere on HBO Max before the end of this year, and it will be appointment viewing just to see Keaton back in action.

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