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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘The Forgotten’

Published on October 10th, 2018 | Updated on October 10th, 2018 | By FanFest

The purge has shown us those inherently good and those inherently bad within society. While groups and triage attempt to assist those in needs on purge nights against the NFFA, nothing about the purge is something that truly helps society. Instead, the purge highlights a country divided.

With all that said, we finally learn more about Joe! He is not just an end cap to each episode now! I have never been so excited to watch someone make a bologna sandwich in my life. Audiences learn that once upon a time Joe worked with his father at a welding plant, Saticoy. Through a talk with his dad we also learn that Joe has loss someone. All details lead us to believe his wife left him.

After the quick sneak peek into Joe’s past life, this week’s episode quickly pick up where we left off last week. While the odds seemed stacked against Joe, but he takes down all three people with ease. We can assume Joe has trained the whole year for this night. Who is next on his list?

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Meanwhile Rick and Jenna manage the streets and arrive back home, but not without some heckling and onlookers bemused by their situation. Rick reveals his relief they are safe and that it’s over, but Jenna assures him that it’s not over. As an argument between our couple erupts we realize the truth in Jenna’s statement. Rick calls Jenna out for going to save Lila as opposed to saving him. Jenna going into the kitchen to call Lila to check on her does not help this eruption.

Despite Jenna’s protests she does not love Lila, I have to admit Rick questioning her love for Lila is valid. The argument grows more intense when Jenna reveals she misses the person who would have done anything to protect them from the NFFA, but not become one of them. Rick admits that he would have pulled the trigger if he had to get them what they needed. A fact we all knew. What we did not know is the that he grew up poor and would do anything to ensure Jenna and his daughter do not. The argument ends with Rick’s defeat as Jenna confesses that the man he was that evening frightens her.

Equally important, we catch a brief glimpse of a skewed view of the staircase to Ryker’s home. This foreshadows the dangerous situation Jane inevitably falls into. While at first we debate if Ryker is at home, we see him round the corner and question why Jane is there. For a moment we think that Jane might keep her secret to herself, but as Ryker apologies for making her work that evening, Jane reveals she hired someone to kill him. She questions the security of the home because she admits that she has made a mistake by hiring the hit.

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Another mistake was Penelope’s relationship with Henry. He shows no remorse as they tie Miguel up to a pillar along with his sister. Even tied up, Miguel continues to fight by insisting she doesn’t deserve to die. If only Henry felt the same. Henry feels she deserves it even more than him. Penelope realizes she cannot keep fighting and wants Miguel to let her take the hit. However, he insists that they walk out together or not at all. Instead of attempting to change Henry’s mind Miguel rubs salt in the wound about Henry’s eyesight making him go on a tirade.

Henry admits that for the longest time all he thought about was killing them and wondered what the world would feel like without them in it. Ultimately Henry points out that Miguel and he are not that different because they both kill because the government says it’s okay. There’s no scarier comparison and one that could not be further from the truth.

Soon we rejoin Joe where we learn more about his company through another flashback the series has become famous for this season. We realize quickly that the person Joe finally seems to be hitting it off with at the bar is management. His dad tells him that management and a blue collar worker does not mix. This is because nothing lasts forever and that includes their jobs. Eventually she will make the decision to lay off everyone including Joe.

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Instead of trying to protect people, maybe Joe is seeking revenge on those who destroyed his life and those who worked for Saticoy. After all, once the plant is laid off by Eileen, Joe hears the words of the narrator we have heard for the past six weeks. Society screws you over. Don’t wallow in disappointment. Embrace the healing powers of violence. By purging we can get back what we loss. Only that has not proved true throughout the series.

In an odd attempt at an apology, Rick admits he got lost in trying to provide for them. He understands Jenna’s concerns and admits that without her he’s nothing. She’s his home, everything else is just wallpaper. He only needs them. Jenna doesn’t believe him. She explains that even before that evening she could have stayed right there and been happy. She asks him what his stopping point will be. What is good enough for him? How much excess do they need? She insists the excess does not matter. All that matters is who they are currently. Rick seems to grasp this idea and promises he will not jeopardize their relationship again.

During this time Ryker remains shocked because he did not think Jane had it in her to hire an assassin. While he remains calm, Jane rambles on that they have to prepare for Bracka and as soon as she arrives she will tell her the hit is off. Instead of preparing, Ryker stands up and insists no one is getting into his home. He also calls Jane out for her motives and says that it is the best move she could have made because for the past three years she has wasted her time and her potential in the company. She should have demanded the promotion she deserved. However now that she’s there, she might as well get a tour of the house.

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As soon as they start walking through the house, taking in the various artwork, I became weary of Ryker. I’m not the only one weary of Ryker though. When he insists on showing her his artwork downstairs, Jane parts ways with him and discovers that Bracka already arrived and is dead in Ryker’s bathtub. If only Jane had stayed at work. At that point we are taken to the gallery to discover that Ryker has a living breathing art gallery of women. His apologetic nature departs and he admits that this room exists because of a mens right to do as they pleases with women. If people needed a lesson from The Matron Saints it is each man within the basement of Ryker’s home. However Jane becomes a part of the gallery instead.

By the time we get back to Miguel and Penelope, Henry reveals his grand plans for the brother and sister. First he plans to take one of Miguel’s eyes. Then he plans on killing Penelope before him so he can watch and finally kill Miguel. Miguel however has a different plan. Headbutting Henry, he manages to fight back and knock Henry out. They soon realize that Henry’s time is almost up in the tent increasing the urgency to escape. Managing to break away from the pillar, Miguel eventually kills Henry and unties Penelope.

Once free Penelope has a bit of a breakdown and starts hitting Henry’s corpse. There’s no time for this though. Miguel knows they must move and move quick as its announced Henry’s time is literally and figuratively up. They manage to escape but they witness someone else purging just outside of the witch tent. The urge to torch the place as they attempt to exit is strong in Penelope’s heart, but they know instead they must blend in. As they go back to the auction in an attempt to do so, another cult member arrives on the auction block.

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Is this ultimately where all the people go?  Are they all auctioned to make money for Good Leader Travis?  Is she a trader? I’m hoping that Miguel and Penelope escape so Penelope can confront Travis and we attain some answers to some of these questions.  The chances grow slim though as Rex sends out a search party to ensure the brother and sister do not leave The Carnival of Flesh.

Ultimately we arrive back in Rick and Jenna’s home where Jenna reveals the information she learned after their last talk. Lila is dead. Only as she is seeking comfort in her husband they learn that Lila is not only not dead, but that Lila is the one banging down the door as the revolution arrives at their front door. Will they risk their lives to let Lila in?

We also learn that Jane’s only savior is potentially someone out to kill her as she is next on Joe’s list.  Will he manage to find her?

Hopefully by tuning in next Tuesday at 10pm on USA Network we will learn these answers. Let us know what you think of tonight’s episode in the comments below.


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