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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘Take What’s Yours’

Published on September 13th, 2018 | Updated on September 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

Last week we prepped for the purge. This week, we are thrown into the early hours of the purge because the sirens have sounded. With the purge finally commemorated, viewers are asked how they will use the purge?

All the while the voice over continues to lead us to believe that purging is as normal as making one’s lunch or dinner for work demonstrated within the opening this week as well. Bracka (AzMarie Livingston), our mystery shooter, Jane hires immediately has to defend herself against those participating in the evening’s so-called festivities after taking her payment. We know Jane is in good hands because Bracka immediately takes care of business by shooting two other participants.

A far cry from last week’s opening, The Purge is not kidding around with getting the commencement underway and allowing the sinners to cleanse themselves.

Jenna and Rick appear to continue to regret their decision and not just because of the evening ahead. Despite the couple attempting to let go of their past with Lila (Lili Simmons), Jenna looks longingly over at her as Rick attempts to schmooze her father Albert Stanton (Reed Diamond) in an attempt to maintain the couple’s goal. Money for their cause. They are not the only people on purge night with goals though.

Miguel comes across two new characters who have an agenda to help injured people throughout the night. Unlike in the films, these characters are respected for their cause, but Miguel admits he finds it hard to believe that anyone would respect any rule on purge night yet alone the unspoken ones. This is definitely foreshadowing to an event that lies ahead. One of these rules audiences have learned will be broken. While the two new characters offer him a place in their group, he insists that he has to find the blue bus that Penelope is on before its too late.

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Meanwhile viewers hop on the bus where we hear the scared words, “Purify my flesh, prepare my soul, the Giving is near, the Invisible awaits,” are repeated ad nauseam. As Good Leader Travis (Fiona Dourif) walks up and down the aisles, she takes in the glory of the sacrifices words and their willingness to participate. What are her ultimate plans? How does she talk these children into going along with her plan?  And speaking of plans, someone might be onto Jane ulterior motive on purge night. We see Alison (Jessica Miesel) going through various drawers in Jane’s office. Upon powering up her computer again, Alison appears startled by a discovery she has made before quickly exiting Jane’s office.

As Jane makes her way back up to the floor, we cut to a flashback of the final job interview between her and Don Ryker where she accepts the job. Before Ryker offers her the job, he asks her what her father did for a living because the company likes to showcase how those can start small life and move to a better station in life. She never answers the question though. To potentially complicate matters further, he checks Jane out upon leaving.

This leaves me with two impressions, but ultimately to think Ryker is Jane’s target.  Maybe she feels she has to kill him because no one will believe her in an harassment claim. Or maybe his family has done something to her family, particularly her father since she never answered his question about her father and she is seeking revenge. Maybe this is both considering she spoke of the research she had completed before applying with the company in the first place.

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More research should have occurred with the kids a part of Good Leader Travis’s group as well. As doubts take over Melissa (Emmanuelle Nadeau) once more she is conveniently the first female chosen this week. Upon hearing she is the sacrifice for the evening, Melissa immediately resists and starts exclaiming she does not want to die. I immediately recognized this was not going to end in her favor as we learn a bit more about another secondary character this week as well when Lila finally approaches Jenna, furthering my prediction that a pregnancy announcement will take place in future episodes.

As the two talk and viewers take in the tension between the two characters we begin to wonder what actually transpired between the two characters.Was this a sexual relationship that did not work as a threesome and more feelings were there so Rick made Jenna cut ties with her under the pretense that they would have children together?  We still do not know, but are lead to believe something there that does not meet the eye and later confirmed when she threatens to expose this secret to her father to keep him from donating to Rick’s cause.

The same can be said about Ryker in another flashback including competition for Jane and the gang that Miguel is eventually blocked by as well. Unfortunately the group that catches Miguel, brings him to a man known as Otis who is running what he calls The Gauntlet. If Miguel survives he attains a car for his troubles. The only problem is this course is not designed for anyone to make it out alive.

The scariest part of this entire plot is that Otis has truly made it a sport and even insists that if viewers of his live broadcast come down to his dealership, Otis’ Autorama, and mention the purge that they can get ten percent off their purchase. It is nice to know that in this alternate reality a person’s life is worth ten percent off a car. Regardless, the gang forces Miguel to go through essentially what is the worst haunted house ever as viewers watch the horror unfold before them.

Miguel somehow survives and speeds off in his car. The scariest part though? The viewers at the Stanton party while they watch the events unfold as if they are simply watching another episode of American Ninja Warrior.

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This is not as scary however as the idea that most people, while they claim they would never actually purge, has a purge list in the back of their minds. As Alison admits this to Jane, she also plays her cards and hints that she knows Jane is up to something. After all, as viewers have learned earlier in the episode, Jane’s path to partnership appeared inevitable until Anya (Alyshia Ochse) entered the picture. Now purging might be the only answer. The only question is who is Jane purging?

Is she purging her employer for overlooking her all this time, or Anya to eliminate her competition. Bracka is making her way to someone’s home but is Jane viewing her execution of one of the others in her queue for the evening? After all, Jane’s purge is third in line. It is also quite possible that Jane is not just purging one person from the world, but her boss and her competition. Better to be purging others than sacrificed to others in the purge.

As we cut back to the bus where Melissa is refusing to die and going into a full blown panic attack. Penelope offers to take Melissa’s place to show her how freeing the experience will be, but the one Good Leader Travis insists that she was not chosen. While Melissa begs not to die, they basically escort her off the bus and lead her to her death.
With all the commotion as Melissa is forcefully removed from the bus, the remaining children on the buss pull down the windows and watch as two men carry Melissa away by the purgers who need to let go of their sins. All the while she is screaming for Penelope to come save her.  In the upcoming weeks I predict viewers will discover that these children are sold to various purgers based on the purgers needs.
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The episode ends with Miguel getting no where.  Sure, he meets Pete the Cop, who appears to be his only way to find Penelope, but we find out rather quickly that Pete is not the giving type. Jenna and Lila also find themselves back in each other’s arms and viewers are ultimately left with more questions once more than answers. Who is the guy getting out of his vehicle at the end? Who is Jane murdering? Will Jenna and Lila get caught? Only time will give us these answers over the upcoming weeks.

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