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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘Rise Up’

Published on October 3rd, 2018 | Updated on October 3rd, 2018 | By FanFest

We are halfway through the purge. While this episode’s pace was slower than the first four episodes, the events that took place last night has drastically changed the entire dynamic of the show and potentially the purge.

We are reminded yet again that Jenna is not safe. Through talking with Catalina once more, she urges Jenna to meet her in the cellar. After Catalina warns her, Stanton’s wife Eleanor approaches Jenna and explains that Jenna will get a taste for the nights events and its celebration. As Jenna debates on following her, her attention becomes divided between going to Lila or to Rick. Simultaneously Rex explains to Miguel that there has to be someone to fill the void at the carnival and he might as well benefit from it. He then reveals the people he has captured in the back are his land lady and her son.

As Miguel continues his best to make his way to Penelope, we find Henry yelling at Penelope as she tells him she’s not supposed to be there. In many ways the flashbacks reveal she feels the other paths she could have taken when she met him.  Instead we see a young girl going down a path because she knows better than her older brother.  The cliche youth knows it all mentality.  As the two go back and forth he begins to walk around her with a blow torch.  Eventually he knocks her out with a chloroform cloth insisting there’s no escape.

When audiences reconnect with Jane we learn more about The Matron Saints, particularly Marge (Jannette Sepwa). She reveals a highly disturbing statistic about conception on purge night.  While the highest rate of conception still occurs on New Years Eve, purge night is second.  This is an absolutely bone chilling information.  Information that harder to gloss over knowing two of Marge’s sons were conceived on purge night.

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Despite the legalization of most crime, purge supporters are always within the films and the show is no different. Eleanor stands by Stanton as he makes his big speech about the good the NFFA has made in the world. He thanks his wife Eleanor for organizing the nights events to which we discover she has not one, but three offerings for their guests. Weapons are immediately handed out and the part I find particularly odd is that Rick takes a blade and places it inside his jacket’s pocket. What are Rick’s plans? What are his intentions?

As the show cuts back to Penelope and Henry we discover that Henry feels that purging Penelope from his system will make his life better. This continues to be the common theme, even though we have already witnessed this season that this does not make anyone feel better. We also witness his once grand plans with Penelope and the beginning of her drug use He downplays the drug use as he talk about plans to take a road trip of the national parks with Penelope. This becomes important moments later when Henry reveals he plans on burning Penelope alive as if she were the ultimate sacrifice of a camping trip gone wrong.

Upon arriving at the carnival, Miguel immediately overpowers Rex with a choke hold and releases his captives. Captives who immediately turn on Miguel and attempt to overpower him. I do not blame Miguel for his annoyance. Who turns on the person who saves them? Rex’s landlord’s son that’s who! After the ordeal settles and Rex’s captives flee the area, Miguel notices Rex’s bag that allows him entrance into The Carnival of Flesh. The badge simply reads trader and makes me grateful most convention badges typically stick with VIP and Weekend.

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Miguel manages to get into the carnival using not only Rex’s pass, but by trading Rex! This could have been karma at its finest. The only problem is that people at the carnival know Rex and I’m not sure Miguel thought about how that small detail could ruin his plan to save his sister. Miguel is not a saint either though. In a flashback we learn that Henry loses sight in his right eye because Miguel almost beats him to death. By leaving with her brother and not taking up for Henry more in that moment that was the ultimate betrayal in his eyes.

Meanwhile Jenna immediately goes up the stairs to find Lila. Considering the argument the couple had on last week’s episode, I’m not sure this was the best decision that Jenna could have made. As more festivities are about to begin Stanton insists that Rick find his wife so they can continue to talk about the generous amount of money he is willing to throw their way and the good the NFFA accomplishes. As Rick attempts to locate Jenna, Catalina gives a signal to another staff worker and reveals she must be a part of the horrors that place shortly thereafter.

Instead of arguing the couple realizes they need to get out as they see the raid of people on the lawn outside an upstairs window. As the rebellion force their way into the house with Catalina’s assistance is officially revealed upon her letting Jenna and Rick escape through the cellar. As the couple leave the home they see a banner that reads Death to the NFFA and hear the multiple gunshots, screams, and panic occurring in the place that should have been their refuge for the night.

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Finally making it to the home The Matron Saints were called to the ladies tase a husband to stop his attack on his wife. He informs them abuse is perfectly legal on purge night. After getting the wife to safety audiences learn part of their process involves a branding iron. Jane insists to Madelyn (Sabrina Gennarino), the leader of The Matron Saints, that no matter what bad has occurred there literally branding him a pig will not help. None of the violence that takes place on purge night can help anyone, which reminds a common theme throughout the episodes. As they brand him, Jane finds herself taking a set of car keys from the man’s home and making her way to the parking deck.

At first, Madelyn appears before the car, and rather creepily I might add, my fear is that Jane was already in too deep with the wrong group. Instead the leader gives Jane a card and reminds her it is not safe outside on purge night. She reiterates if Jane needs anyone she knows whom to call.. Will Jane have to use the card? Will Marge’s words come true that they cannot always save those they want on purge night? Is it her calling to enlist next year if an additional season after this limited series event?

The show draws its focus back to Miguel walking through the carnival to find Penelope he finds an old army buddy.  As they talk disbelief written all over Miguel’s face. The other soldier explains that this one night helps him the other 364 days of the year. He maintains all his pent up aggression and hate he quite possibly gained through his tours in the army. Either that or maybe he gained a blood lust.  Regardless, Miguel reminds him though that soldiers are not meant to harm civilians allowing us to see how the army change Miguel for the better.

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The episode ends this week with Penelope begging Henry to kill her. She recites the words of the cult we have heard repeatedly through the first three episodes. As Henry holds a knife up to her neck, she insists to him that she surrenders and to kill her once more as he goes back to get the blow torch. As the two yell at each other security discovers. Upon Henry discovering him as well, he insists that Miguel is his too and is willing to pay however much money it takes for them to release Miguel to him, leaving viewers to wonder how the siblings will escape Henry’s terrors next week.

Jane also finally arrives at Ryker’s apartment only to have the door open randomly for her? Is Ryker the one who let her in? According to the preview for next week nothing good can come of Jane making her way to Ryker’s place, but only the next episode will reveal the truth. Hopefully more truth about Joe as well who ends the episode once again by stopping his vehicle just short of three people purging on someone else.  The words “If you see something do something because a storm is coming” leave me to believe that Joe is the purge’s vigilante.  Is there someone to save Joe though?

Make sure to tune in next Tuesday at 10pm on USA Network to learn the fate of main characters this season. Whose time do you think is up?  Let us know in the comments below.


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