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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘House of Mirrors’

Published on November 13th, 2019 | Updated on November 13th, 2019 | By FanFest

Each week, the opening scenes reveal more of the mindset of people involved in the purge. This week in “House of Mirrors” we open to a scene in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A woman and her friend are planning a bachelorette weekend in New Orleans on Purge night. When the bride goes to the bathroom, her friend asks the travel agent what the return policy is for return tickets they do not use.

THE PURGE — “House of Mirrors” Episode 205 — Pictured: Purge Tourists — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Opening oneself up purposely to the purge is not the brightest idea. Yet the US is now more of a destination spot than not in this show considering one can get away with murder should that take the chance to travel there on purge night. The inside look at the 364 other days of the year might be more terrifying than the actual purge at this point. However, we learn quickly there are only 134 days now until the next annual purge.

Esme’s Past Haunts Her.  Esme’s Present Hunts Her.

Esme - Paola Nunez - The Purge - House of Mirrors
Esme – Paola Nunez – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

Esme’s boss comes up to her for some stats that she has yet to provide him. However, she has something else on her mind as we go back ten years. Her sister, Sofia. We flashback to previous years with her and her sister. Two pill bottles fall out of her bag and Esme immediately wants to know what she is taking them and why. Upon touching her arm she demands to see what she is hiding her sleeves. Sofia insists that their father has been beating her since their mother died and that it gets worse when he drinks. Esme believes her and immediately starts packing her things to remove her from the home.

Her story cuts back and forth throughout the episode.  As the flashback ends, she is at home and giving information to a foundation to break open the NFFA. Something tells me she is not going to be able to survive this year’s purge. She needs help proving that Olivia Hughes was murdered. As she admits to the other woman that her family has the right to know, the show cuts back to another flashback ten years ago with her sister. One where Esme insists that her sister is going to go see Dr. Adams in therapy that evening. She becomes nervous as the hacker who is in the system will be found out soon.

Esme – Paola Nunez – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

During her worries, the show cuts back to a previous purge night. Sofia is still on her mind first and foremost. The scene reveals an interaction between Esme and her father. Instead of letting her father in on purge night, she locks him out of the house and begins to say a prayer in Spanish. He begs for her to let him in, but Esme does not. A car full of purgers arrives outside of her home as he is pleading for his life. Hearing the screams, Esme lets her father die for his sins.

Knowing that her phone is off, she hears static from a device she realizes has been planted in her purse. Letting the woman out of her home, she locks the door behind her.  Big brother is gaining, Esme.

Ryan’s Plan Is All Jammed Up

Sara & Ryan - Chelle Ramos & Max Martini - The Purge - House of Mirrors
THE PURGE — “House of Mirrors” Episode 205 — Pictured: (l-r) Chelle Ramos as Sara Williams, Max Martini as Ryan Grant — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Carl, the friend that Tommy told Ryan about, has arrived at what appears to look like a plantation-style home. Upon arriving a staff member tells him that the Parkers will arrive to talk to him in a second. Getting their hands on a vault is not going to be easy. Instead of heading upstairs to take an appraisal, he is given an itemized list and sent on his way. The worst part? When Carl says he isn’t sure that this will be good enough for his boss, Mr. Parker says that if it’s not to tell him to call him or he will talk to him the next time they play golf.

The new goal is to break into the house to get into that safe. Sarah is against doing so because she does not want to do anything illegal. However, the remaining crew determine they can make this work somehow. Ryan insists that this is their only chance to get a jammer into a vault to stop the planes from going on purge night.

Ryan – Max Martini – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

Doug goes to the country club to keep eyes on the Parkers as the rest of the team breaks into their home. Upon opening the door to a room upstairs, Ryan immediately finds the vault in question. Sara admits that things are tougher than she had originally thought it would be. Doug confirms that everything is good since the Parkers are still playing golf. However, his eyes are taken off the Parkers as security escorts him inside the club.

Sara manages to get the case closed and the jammer implanted, but by the time Doug gets back to his car, the parkers have left. Carl is shot and is killed. Ryan and Sara are still in the house and attempting to exit. They hear a sound and know that there are people upstairs. The three of them go through the house together and initiate lock-down. There is no current way for the two of them to exit the house. The Parkers are armed and dangerous. He informs them that they are not going to get out alive.

Sara & Ryan - Chelle Ramos & Max Martini - The Purge - House of Mirrors
Sara & Ryan – Chelle Ramos & Max Martini – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

They are not backing down and the only people Ryan can think of that could help them at that moment are the cops. Calling the police, Ryan and Sara are arrested. The cops that he called though have his back and they release them from custody because they called their ex-captain. He agrees to cut her in and she lets them go.  As they move forward though, she has complete control now.  What has Ryan done?

Marcus Is Given An Answer

Marcus appears to be stocking up on guns at this point for the next purge. He has been so consumed with the private investigator that they haven’t been able to have an actual life. The crazy part of his thread on Ivory Road though is all the responses he seems to have received. The most intriguing response reads “Saw your post. have what you’re looking for but need to do this offline,” with a link. He immediately clicks on it.

Marcus - Derek Luke - The Purge - House of Mirrors
Marcus – Derek Luke – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

Meeting up with the person later, audiences meet Albert. He has been willing to give up pharmaceutical drugs in exchange for information. While he claims he can get him a name, he explains that names have consequences. Instead of wanting drugs though he explains that people need doctors. This favor sounds like it could potentially get Marcus into more trouble than what it’s worth. He should let the private investigator do her job.  There’s no need of putting himself in more danger.

Albert brings a patient to Marcus’s home as part of the agreement. Marcus is attempting to figure out how the man’s leg became so inflamed, but Albert tells him not to ask questions. Concentrating on the man before him, Marcus misses the text from Michelle to let him know that she’s going to be home soon. Michelle makes her way home as Marcus is finishing up the promise that he has given Albert. Being a man of his word, Albert hands him an envelope with the name of the person inside.

Michelle – Rochelle Aytes – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

Upon reading out the name Michelle immediately becomes upset and sits down. Not understanding what is going on, Marcus asks her what is wrong. Sam and Michelle had an affair. Marcus is beyond upset to learn of his wife’s infidelity and he accuses her of still being a part of. She got out of bed before any of the shooting started to take place. He has every right to be upset. She claims she doesn’t want to lose him.  However, her affair with Sam might be the literal death of Marcus.

The Evolution of Killer Ben

Ben and Kellan are having dinner with Andy and their friend Bonnie. they have discussed him behind his back. Bonnie admits that she would have already left if she wasn’t afraid of ending up on his purge list for next year. Instead of letting things go from the meeting before, Andy is still inquiring about her the next time that he and Ben hang out. He lies and tells her that Kellan said that he was getting back with her ex. Andy can sense this and he asks what he did wrong.

Ben & Andy - Joel Allen & Lawrence Kao - The Purge - House of Mirrors
Ben & Andy – Joel Allen & Lawrence Kao – The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

Upon explaining that on the next date he needs to lay off on the purge talk, Andy calls Ben out for being afraid of the purge side of himself. He insists that these women do not need to make them guilty for their instincts of being able to hunt. However, the NFFA has already hidden facts from the public about the creator’s death. If viewers of The First Purge recalls, the NFFA killed creator. We already knew that they were shady, but the depths of how far they have gone is insanity.

Ben admits to Andy that he killed the strawberry farmer after the purge. However, once Andy questions him what he would do something like that, Ben changes his story. Knowing that he doesn’t believe him, Ben murders Andy without a second thought. He knows ultimately that he does not plan on keeping his secret. He immediately cleans the knife of his prints and exits the room after moving him somewhat leaving him for dead. The bigger concern is that he has murdered him at this point.

The Purge – House of Mirrors – 2×4 – USA Network

Ben is desperate to get back inside and heads inside with the firemen. They ignore him as he goes back to Andy’s dorm room where he has left behind evidence. As he returns to Andy’s room the body is missing. He did not kill him as he thought. As the elevator goes down to the lobby, Andy is found inside on the floor, clutching his stomach where he was stabbed.

What did you think of this week’s purge? Is Ben becoming too liberal with his killings? Will Marcus confront Sam next week? Can Ryan and his crew accept going on someone else’s orders? Should Esme abandon her post while she can? Let us know your thoughts are below about last night’s episode.

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