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‘The Purge’ Recap: ‘Everything Is Fine’

Published on October 23rd, 2019 | Updated on October 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

Last week scratched the surface of what the remaining 364 days of the year looks like in the world including an annual purge. Every frightening thought one has ever had is addressed within this week’s episode “Everything Is Fine.” The show addresses the psychological changes one goes through after the purge. Regardless of the so-called good this event does for the country, there are just as many harmful side effects too. There are chances that people take that leave them in a worse place than they were before the purge began.

This week starts with some of the most disturbing images I’ve witnessed in horror. Although maid services are a common occurrence for some, maid services after the purge are far more intense. They make sure to have body bags so a body recovery unit can come and pick up the body afterward. To make this more disturbing, the maid service leaves the body outside with the trash! This is the norm as everything goes back to normal again.

The Purge TV Series – Everything Is Fine – 2×02 – USA Network

To prove this, they show a wife and her kids sitting down to a table to eat the day after. I’m assuming the man the service dispose of is her husband. While everything appears normal, she notices a speck of blood. Looking between her children, she quickly moves the plate to cover the blood somehow missed on the place-mat. To watch numerous people move and walk around bodies as if this is normal is terrifying. Equally disturbing is hearing the advertisement: Medical professionals are advising citizens not to touch any dead bodies.  People must walk around the corpses filling the street.  They also must avoid those still in the purge mindset.

As an illustration Ryan is seen walking with a purpose somewhere, he observes but does not touch.  There is no involvement with anyone else whatsoever. There’s no desire to touch any of the dead bodies scattered throughout the neighborhood. There is also no desire to become arrogant that people cannot kill me now since the purge is over. Yes, it’s over for another year, but it’s not gone. This could make someone put you on their list for next year when you were not even on their radar. The damage done to a person does not have to be significant for them to want to kill someone else.

Marcus - Derek Luke - The Purge TV Series
Marcus – Derek Luke – The Purge TV Series – Everything Is Fine – 2×02 – USA Network

Michelle and Marcus talk the next morning about moving forward after last night. Marcus cannot though. He must discover who attempted to purge him the previous night. They can hire someone to take care of whoever was after him. They will find the attacker and they return the favor the following year. Michelle reminds Marcus that he is not the kind of person who would purge anyone. He admits that after they both almost died last night everything is different. It only takes one near-death experience to change someone’s mind.

Meanwhile, Esme attempts to rid herself of images Drew Adams’ murder. Her goal is to close as many cases from last night as possible that morning. However, she cannot let go of Vivian’s footage. Esme realizes that Drew was chased out of her home, but managed to get back just in time. Regardless of what her supervisor said, she must know what happened at the house. Mainly because to her, this situation does not make sense. Maybe this is an answer though that she doesn’t want to know. Professor Drew Adams.

THE PURGE — “Everything is Fine” Episode 202 — Pictured: Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Professor Adams’ is not merely a woman who some man purged as Esme’s supervisor remarks. Later on in the episode at a vigil for Drew Adams, Darren (Denzel Whitaker) speaks about her character. She was a good person who would do anything for others. Adams would never stop fighting, even in the end. This hits a chord in Esme and makes her want to fight for Adams more. She is not going to give up the hunt for the reasoning this happened to her friend. Upon arriving back to work she can hear Adams putting something away via the audio. What was she doing?  What was she hiding?

Esme goes into Professor Adams’ home and being scared half to death by a cat. Using the audio recording she climbs the stairs. She follows the sounds to a room and begins to pull out draws, open and close things to know where else to go. Following the trail, she finds a step on the staircase that lifts with an envelope inside of it. Esme takes the envelope and heads downstairs. There are an old recorder and x-rays of a patient who sounds like Esme. Two men startle her as she is leaving.  They are there for the first inspection of the property.

THE PURGE — “Everything is Fine” Episode 202 — Pictured: Paola Nunez as Esme Carmona — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

The streets are not the only crowded area. The emergency room is flooded with victims. They have survived the night, but not from being attacked. People are holding others who are close to dying or have died in their arms. Visible wounds are visible on multiple patients. How does one prioritize that on the day after the purge? Which patients go back first when everyone appears to be in dire shape? I hope they show a list in a handbook somewhere before the season ends.

The craziest part is when Marcus notices a patient with the same markings on the back of his hand as his attacker. While the guy is attempting to get away from him claiming that Marcus is going to kill him, he is dying. However, right before he dies Marcus gets the words Ivory Road out of him. Instead of keeping Marcus at the hospital Lauren tells him to go home. Instead of going home he goes to see his son on campus. Marcus and Darren are related!

Darren & Marcus - Derek Luke - The Purge TV Series
Darren & Marcus – Derek Luke – The Purge TV Series – Everything Is Fine – 2×02 – USA Network

Marcus admits somebody tried to purge him. Darren admits that he lost his teacher on purge night that he was working on his thesis. As they continue to make small talk, audiences learn that Michelle might be his stepmom. Thankfully Marcus mentions the words that his attacker spoke to him before he died. Ivory Road. Despite not using the site, Darren reveals Ivory Road is the dark web. His son finds the secret app on the attacker’s phone. We learn this was random and that someone has put a bounty on Marcus’s head for $75,000.

While someone is hunting Marcus for a price, Ryan is making his way to an assisted living home. He must pay his mother’s bill. The woman he gives the money does not approve of how he came by the money. Ryan explains to her that if she doesn’t approve of where it came from she should take it up with the NFFA. She immediately knows that something is wrong. Despite knowing that Tommy screwed up he feels guilty about letting Tommy go. His mother has Alzheimer’s which is even more heartbreaking.

Ryan - The Purge TV Series
Ryan – The Purge TV Series – Everything Is Fine – 2×02 – USA Network

This is not the end of seeing Ryan though. He finally does make it back to their safe zone. Tommy somehow makes it back to where he needs to be. While he swears no one followed him, the cops surround the hideout. As soon as they find him, he gives in. He doesn’t want any of them to get into trouble. Sara is visibly upset. Doug asks a simple question. What is going to happen to him? The frightening part is the answer. Ryan says that they will hold him over until the next purge and kill him. I do not want to think that is the truth. However, considering there’s a whole holiday at this point where people can murder somebody else.

Sara points out that every year the purge is getting worse. It’s not worth the risk anymore. The takes are getting smaller as the years move forward. There is less money on hand in the vaults than before.  The bank must be hiding it due to purge night. Ryan asks them to give them a moment and not to make a decision until they hear from him. They agree although visibly upset about Tommy. Ryan follows the money trail to discover a couple of details. The banks are swapping trucks, money is placed on a plane, but the local is still unknown.

THE PURGE — “Everything is Fine” Episode 202 — Pictured: Chelle Ramos as Sara — (Photo by: Alfonso Bresciani/USA Network)

Purge night does not treat everyone as well. “What happens on purge night stays on purge night,” Turner (Matt Shively) explains to Ben’s girlfriend that he doesn’t think Ben made it. However, Ben proves him wrong as he walks in covered in blood that is not his own. The most awkward moment ever before Ben takes his breakfast. Turner doesn’t tell her the entire truth. Ben also keeps insisting that he is fine. Turner knows Ben is anything but fine. I believe for the first time he worries about his life in the next annual purge. The images play through Ben’s mind as he tries to wash the night off of him. No matter how hard he tries though he is never going to be able to get clean again The night is always with him.

Ben has seemingly snapped once we see him again.  He idly draws the mask he was terrorized by the night before. This continues to occur as he attempts to sleep. Getting up he goes to his desk and begins to look at the knife, opening it and pressing it into the middle of his palm. Not enough to do damage, but enough to worry us about him. In one of the most realistic virtual reality games ever, Ben is attempting to get his purge on. Instead of going back to the house, he goes back to get the mask from the scene last night.

Ben - Joel Allen - The Purge TV Series
Ben – Joel Allen – The Purge TV Series – Everything Is Fine – 2×02 – USA Network

Ultimately, viewers learn that purge night does not treat everyone well. A concept we knew before this season already. However, this brings up a few questions this week. Will Marcus find the person who has taken a hit out on him? What happened to Esme’s sister? Will Ryan and his crew be able to get Tommy back? How far is Ben willing to go now?

To find out, join The Purge every Tuesday night on the USA Network at 9 pm EST. Let us know what your thoughts are below about last night’s episode.

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